Monday, December 22, 2014
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Dear Gossips,

It’s time. It’s the 4th anniversary. It’s the Gingerbread House Competition. It’s time for you to vote.

The live competition takes place every year at my friend Lorella’s. Click here, here, and here to see the entries from 2011, 2012, and 2013. This has become an intense tradition. The competitors spend weeks, maybe even months coming up with their ideas and figuring out how to execute them. These are the rules:

Everyone starts off with the same store-bought kit. Using multiple kits is allowed. But apart from the cardboard base, EVERYTHING MUST BE EDIBLE and created on site during the competition. You don’t get to pre-order something from a store. This is a particularly important point when you consider the detail involved in some of these figures. The competition begins in the morning and ends around midnight. That’s 12 hours straight without assistance. Tell that to Martha Stewart.

A judge has determined the winner. You, however, are the People’s Vote. The Gingerbread Houses for 2014 are below, with descriptions. Email me at with your choice.

1.Christmas – Gothic Style:
Inspired by the gothic cathedrals of Europe. Using multiple kits' worth of gingerbread (and then some) this architectural beauty also features royal icing wrought iron fencing, and melted hard candy stained-glass windows. Take a peek inside to admire the pews, altar and pretty blue and yellow altar decoration. (Pale green fondant mimics age on the cooper roof.)

2.When in Rome (for Christmas):
This ambitious entry (the first in competition history to take up two cardboard bases) is a "sweet" rendition of the one and only Vatican. With a basilica constructed with sugar cubes and gingerbread (and topped with a massive Kinder egg cupola) and "Bear-nini's" Colonnade, painstakingly recreated with wafer sheets, more sugar cubes and gummy bear "saints". For Christmas, the obelisk has been replaced with a giant (ice cream cone and icing) Christmas tree and the cobblestones of St. Peter's Square are tiny black beans.

3.Oh Christmas Tree(house):
This entry's tidy little house is perched on a big old tree. The tree is built on a base of sugar cubes and Rice Krispie squares, covered in chocolate fondant, with hand-carved wood grain. Extra long cinnamon sticks provide the tree's bare winter branches and the step ladder up to the treehouse, where almost everyone is unwelcome (but Santa.)

4.Christmas on Sesame Street:
The Sesame Street gang's all together in this colourful entry. Bert chats up his pigeons, Big Bird hangs up his three-toed stocking and hits the hay in his signature pose, and Ernie builds a snowman while Cookie Monster starts to nibble on the 123 Sesame Street brownstone itself (Oscar, as always, gives side-eye.) This is the first entry ever in the competition’s history to submit a "facade" rather than an actual building, but the back is also decorated, with its Manhattan fire escapes and apartment windows. (White candy floss provides the "smoke" rising from the wafer stick stovepipes.)

Have you decided? Let me know at! (PS. Click on the date above to open this intro article in its own page to see all the photos) 

Yours in gossip,


This Hot Bitch has a new man

December 22, 2014 18:44:31 Posted at December 22, 2014 18:44:31
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Sharon Stone is dating David Deluise. He’s the son of Dom Deluise. Anne Bancroft is his godmother. The two went for lunch the other day and were photographed leaving the restaurant, then kissing. Photo Assumption on these shots? The way I’m reading the progression of the pictures, she turns it up as soon as she notices that the paps are there. Full Story

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Norman Reedus is into pajama onesies

December 22, 2014 18:33:34 Posted at December 22, 2014 18:33:34
Sarah Posted by Sarah
247PapsTV / Splash News

I feel like this is the only part of his Reddit AMA Lainey will care about. Reedus participated in an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit over the weekend in order to promote his involvement with The Felix Organization (a group that benefits foster children). Full Story

Mila adores Ashton courtside

December 22, 2014 18:07:01 Posted at December 22, 2014 18:07:01
Lainey Posted by Lainey
London Entertainment /Splash News, Noel Vasquez /Getty Images

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were at the Laker game the other night. Courtside seats. Only. Obviously. As you can see, she adores him. At least that’s what I’m reading on her face. She looks at him like no one could possibly be more interesting, more fascinating, more intelligent… I mean, at this point, what choice do you have? You can’t have a baby with someone and think the father of your child is a f-cking idiot, can you? You know what’s grossing me out about these shots? It’s the way his left arm is hanging between his legs. Full Story

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It’s Kate Winslet’s turn to be in Jobs

December 22, 2014 17:42:56 Posted at December 22, 2014 17:42:56
Sarah Posted by Sarah

Casting for Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic was messy even before Sony vomited bitchiness all over it. Now that it’s been re-homed at Universal, things are hopefully less dramatic around the production office, but the casting merry-go-round continues to turn. The female lead has yet to be cast since the Sony Hack exposed that Natalie Portman was less “in talks” and more “lobbying for” the part. Full Story

Jennifer Aniston’s surge

December 22, 2014 17:12:39 Posted at December 22, 2014 17:12:39
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Nicky Nelson /WENN

I wrote on Friday about Jennifer Aniston’s impressive Oscar campaign energy the last few weeks. Remember she wasn’t even in the race at the end of October. And in this short time, she’s gone from that to… second place and still surging…? Click here Full Story

Everybody Knows Everything

December 22, 2014 16:47:26 Posted at December 22, 2014 16:47:26
Duana Posted by Duana

The Affair Season 1 Episode 10 finale recap Noah’s in the rubber room with Elvin from The Cosby Show. How’s your weekend?  I couldn’t breathe most of the time that I was watching this finale because where are we going? Where in time are we? Who are these breathtakingly honest people who still manage not to be too earnest, except when they’re being cringe-inducingly naked about their feelings? There were enough gasps in this hour to make me hang on with bated breath, and there were certain scenes that really sold it. Full Story

Jakey & Ruth?

December 22, 2014 16:15:57 Posted at December 22, 2014 16:15:57
Lainey Posted by Lainey

The Gossip Genie appears to be ignoring my requests for a Jake Gyllenhaal-Rachel McAdams love situation. Because he’s been spending a lot of time with Ruth Wilson. They’re working on a new play together, Constellations. But there have also been lunches and dinners. And according to E! Full Story

Rachel heads home for the holidays

December 22, 2014 16:04:40 Posted at December 22, 2014 16:04:40
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Rachel McAdams was photographed at LAX on Friday presumably heading out for the holidays after spending several weeks in LA working on True Detective Season 2. Where? Home, I would imagine. Toronto. Always home when she can. Because Hollywood is a place for work – not a residence. Word is she’s single now. Full Story

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Delta Bell Shepard

December 22, 2014 15:51:14 Posted at December 22, 2014 15:51:14
Duana Posted by Duana
Tommaso Boddi /WireImage

Well, they cleared the first hurdle. When you name your first daughter Lincoln, you are morally obligated not to call the second one Rebecca, or even Kira. You have to match tone, and I think they did. Both all Americana, nostalgia and a good dose of southernness, which is amusing given that Shepherd and Bell are both from Michigan, so they’re virtually Canadian. Full Story

Harry Styles & Kristen Wiig

December 22, 2014 15:27:23 Posted at December 22, 2014 15:27:23
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Photos: / /KEYSTONE Press

Amy Adams hosted the final episode of Saturday Night Live this weekend with some help from Kristen Wiig. One Direction was the musical guest. As per tradition, they all hit up the afterparty. And at the afterparty, he and Kristen danced to The Time Of My Life. As you can see from the two videos posted on Instagram below, he’s hard to resist. Full Story

December 22, 2014 – Smutty Shout-Outs

December 22, 2014 15:04:07 Posted at December 22, 2014 15:04:07
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Kelley! I’m so sorry to hear about your arm. Especially the part about all the things you can’t do over the holidays. By request, here are Ewan McGregor, Eddie Vedder, and Kate Winslet. Keep me posted on your recovery. For Este from Auntie Frell – Happy Christmas and Happy New Year! Here’s Melissa McCarthy, one of your favourites. Full Story

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Friday, December 19, 2014
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Dear Gossips,

Am I allowed to say now that the final episode of Serial was… frustrating? Frustrating is a safe word, right? It’s been frustrating for a few weeks now. I finally gave in and started googling about 10 days ago because I just, you know, like, I dunno, (in Sarah speak), certain questions weren’t being asked. I felt deflated to start the day. And then…by the end of the night…

If we’re talking final episodes, Colbert’s was perfect.

And it’s not because he had so many celebrity guests (Cookie Monster was the best, obviously). You know what I appreciate about Stephen Colbert? Or at the least the version of Colbert that was presented on The Colbert Report, who’s now achieved immortality alongside Santa, Unicorn Lincoln, and Alex Trebek (HAHAHAHA)?

It’s that he was ALWAYS Colbert.

There was no crying. There’s no crying in baseball, and there’s no f-cking crying in satire!

There is, however, a new, exciting question: Who are you now Stephen Colbert? See you in September.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


Smutty Tingles

December 19, 2014 20:15:29 Posted at December 19, 2014 20:15:29
Lainey Posted by Lainey

I’d rather look at this than Kanye’s wife’s (Dlisted)

Brad Pitt was disqualified (Just Jared)

Because you know you were waiting for Benedict Cumberbatch’s opinion on this (Cele|bitchy)

I don’t hate this leather onesie at all (The Superficial)

Is this Cameron Diaz’s engagement ring (OK!)

Olivia Wilde on the beach again (Pop Sugar)

Kanye doesn’t look happy in any of these pictures (Too Fab)

I find these boots way more offensive (Hollywood Tuna)

Emily Blunt’s cute gym gear  (Popoholic)

Terrible dress on Chloe Grace Moretz (Go Fug Yourself)