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Princes on horses

June 2, 2014 20:41:45 Posted at June 2, 2014 20:41:45
Lainey Posted by Lainey

There’s never going to be a time when I don’t post any photos I can of these two on their horses doing their sport of kings thing. At least not until they start looking really bad in tight white pants. At what age do men start looking sh-tty in tight white pants? These two? If Hot Harry can hold his beer bloat off? Well past their 40s, for sure. Full Story

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Hot Harry & Cressida: date night with her brother

March 4, 2014 16:20:25 Posted at March 4, 2014 16:20:25
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas went out for dinner last night in London after he attended a memorial service for Nelson Mandela. They were with her brother-in-law Sam Branson. They went to The Ivy. F-ck, why couldn’t I have been at The Ivy last night with Hot Harry and his soon-to-be-fiancee instead of on a red-eye with Team Rob Ford? Anyway, Cressida is living with Harry now at Kensington Palace. Full Story

Will & Harry on the phone

September 11, 2013 20:38:24 Posted at September 11, 2013 20:38:24
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Chris Jackson /WPA Pool /Getty Images

Princes William and Harry made multiple appearances today in London. Check them out at BGC Charity Day at Canary Wharf, in memory of victims of 9/11, raising money for several charities. Both were involved in a number of multi-billion dollar Euro trades this morning. Would you give if Hot Harry was on the line? How about if he’s on Skype with you, making this face? Later on, the princes joined their parents at a requiem mass for Hugh van Cutsem, a close friend of Prince Charles. Full Story

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Hot Harry and Drunk Girl

March 16, 2012 15:13:47 Posted at March 16, 2012 15:13:47
Lainey Posted by Lainey
WENN, Splash

Hot Harry is back in London and hit up The Brompton Club last night. At some point during the evening he was talking to a blonde who was smoking in a stairwell. There’s a photo of her here Full Story

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Hot Harry is a good gunner

February 10, 2012 16:29:58 Posted at February 10, 2012 16:29:58
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Chris Jackson/ Getty, Splash News

The Palace announced the other day that Captain Wales - that’s his really hot army name - was named Best Co-Pilot Gunner upon completion of helicopter training. You’ll recall, Harry spent a couple of months in America late last year to finish off the programme. I guess all those trips to the bars and pubs in San Diego and Vegas didn’t hurt his studies. Full Story

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There will always be Chelsy

October 10, 2011 16:58:25 Posted at October 10, 2011 16:58:25
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Anwar Hussein /WENN

Hot Harry on a Horse is currently in the US for helicopter training. He hit up a pub in San Diego this weekend. Had a burger and some beers. People got really excited over Twitter. This was big news. Click here Full Story

Hot Harry on a Horse gets his wings

May 7, 2010 08:25:18 Posted at May 7, 2010 08:25:18
Lainey Posted by Lainey

His dad and his dad’s wife and his girlfriend attended Hot Harry on a Horse’s Army Pilot Graduation today. Look at him. So f-cking cute I can’t stand it. And I love him with Chelsy. I love them. I want them to get married and have babies and live in a castle and ride ponies and hide their extra marital offspring but not until later. Full Story

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Brits and open-neck shirts

December 16, 2009 08:55:59 Posted at December 16, 2009 08:55:59
Lainey Posted by Lainey

It’s an instant moisturiser for me. David Beckham, Clive Owen, Hugh Grant, white shirts open at the neck, what is it about when an Englishman wears it that makes it extra extra sexy? Or is it just me the Anglophile? Probably. Hot Harry on a Horse was out last night at a private member’s club in London, photographed leaving in good spirits at 3am. Full Story

Hot Friday Hot Harry

August 14, 2009 16:03:11 Posted at August 14, 2009 16:03:11
Lainey Posted by Lainey

It is so f-cking hot here in Toronto. And this is Hot Harry on a Horse not on a horse at a wedding in London with his brother and also Kate Middleton. I was married on a Friday. My mother consulted a feng shui master for the date. And that Friday was deemed a fortuitous day according to our birthdays and birth times. Full Story

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Where a Prince pees

July 6, 2009 06:33:20 Posted at July 6, 2009 06:33:20
Lainey Posted by Lainey

At Ascot yesterday, where both princes played polo, no doubt these were probably the cleanest portable potties on the planet, but still… It has to be bad, like BAD, like life or death, before I will step into one of those. I even have trouble using a half decent washroom in a Chinese restaurant – shudder. Full Story

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Hot Harry on a Horse and his roommate

June 18, 2009 08:56:10 Posted at June 18, 2009 08:56:10
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Hot Harry and his brother are training and bunking together on an army base and met the media today to talk about their experiences. It was a light, relaxed presser as the brothers exchanged lighthearted quips – who’s messy, who snores, who cooks. Joked Hot Harry: "This is the first time and the last time we will be living together”. Full Story

Hot Harry and the Queen’s English

June 1, 2009 07:44:51 Posted at June 1, 2009 07:44:51
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Hot Harry on a Horse quivered all the loins in New York this weekend at his charity polo match and managed not to f-ck up.He was however, as you’d expect, kept on a very tight leash. Hot Harry did find time though to chat with Matt Lauer for The Today Show. The interview aired this morning and right off the top, Harry acknowledged the “accommodatingness” of the American people. Full Story

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Don’t screw this up

May 29, 2009 13:10:04 Posted at May 29, 2009 13:10:04
Lainey Posted by Lainey

What? It’s not like he’s not gaffe-prone. Because as well know, if there’s a way to f-ck something up, Hot Harry on a Horse will figure it out. This time though, this time he must be on his best behaviour. Hot Harry is in New York. He toured several sites today including Ground Zero. Full Story

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