Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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As you now know, Beyoncé received 9 Grammy nominations for Lemonade yesterday, the most of any artist, and in categories ranging from rap and R&B to pop and rock, which speaks to how limitless she is as an artist. But today’s intro is not about Beyoncé. It’s about Solange. While Beyoncé is now the most nominated female artist in Grammy history, Solange earned the first Grammy nomination of her career in the Best R&B performance category for Cranes In The Sky, arguably the best song from her outstanding album A Seat At The Table (Kathleen reviewed it here). NPR actually named A Seat At The Table the Best Album of 2016, ahead of Lemonade at #2. It’s perhaps the first time Solange has ever come before her sister. Who are you if you are Beyoncé’s sister? Is this an unfair question? Probably. But we ask it anyway, and often, of two people who are profoundly connected and yet exist in both perceived and self-imposed imbalance. Zadie Smith just wrote a book about that called Swing Time, about two close friends who grow up together, one more talented in the art of performance, the other more talented in the power of observation. I did think about Beyoncé and Solange while reading it. About how the narrator, who remains unnamed throughout the novel, relegates herself, for far too long, to the status of spectator instead of participant, and what ends up happening when she finally decides to become the story. The consequences are brutal but I’m not convinced there’s no promise in that kind of devastation. Which is not say that that’s an exact comparison to Solange’s personal and professional narrative. But there’s been a process at work that we were only just made aware of this year.

Two years ago, in a post about Solange, I wondered how and when Solange would find her peace and her place. Her “Seat At The Table”. Let me admit here, in bold, that I underestimated Solange. I did not think music was how Solange would get there. But Solange delivered a masterpiece, the same year that Beyoncé delivered a masterpiece. You remember what she tweeted back in February, right after Beyoncé dropped Formation?

She was talking about herself too. She just knew before everyone else.

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Smutty Social Media, December 6, 2016

December 6, 2016 22:18:32 Posted at December 6, 2016 22:18:32
Maria Posted by Maria
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This week, the Goodreads Choice Award winners were announced. I love Goodreads, I use it all the time, I mostly trust the reviews (even if I don’t always agree with them). Yesterday, a few authors, including E.L. James, Caroline Kepnes (who wrote one of my favourite books of the last 5 years, You) and Colleen Hoover celebrated at SUR. Full Story

Ryan Murphy puts his money where his mouth is

December 6, 2016 21:59:05 Posted at December 6, 2016 21:59:05
Sarah Posted by Sarah

Ryan Murphy has built a television empire, creating some of the most popular and most-watched television of the Peak Age, and now that he’s got some clout, he’s using it to put his money where his mouth is and deliver on a promise to hire more women behind the camera. Murphy started a foundation called Half earlier this year, and the goal is to support and promote diverse talent behind the camera on his array of shows. Full Story

Matt Damon misses the point

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Matt Damon and the cast of The Great Wall were in Beijing yesterday to promote the film. As you know, when the trailer came out a few months ago, The Great Wall was added to the list of “whitewashed” projects coming out of Hollywood, including Ghost In The Shell and Doctor Strange. Full Story

The Hamilton Mixtape Is Modern, Stars Women

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Before Lainey dreamed about being the dean of celebrity studies at a small liberal arts college somewhere in New England, we would talk about how great it would be just to be perpetual students, deep in studying for learning’s sake, not for a degree and a job, Hermione Granger style. But secretly, I sometimes doubted I would have the…I don’t know… silence tolerance. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

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On this week’s Sasha Answers Podcast, would you want to know if your partner was cheating and how do you feel about a stoned groom?

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More Wahlberger Robot Nonsense

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I am trying desperately to remember anything about the last Transformers movie, but it’s giving me a headache, because the only thing I clearly remember about that movie was that it gave me a headache. Mark Wahlberg Full Story