Carpets & Candids: Dianna’s Sundance coat


You like this coat? I kept coming back to it all day. I think I like it a lot. The length. And the straight cut. That’s what’s doing it for me.  Full Story


Smutty Fitness: Shedding body fat


Hi Hayley, Recently I had the opportunity to use a "bod pod," which assessed my body fat %/age. A quick summary: I'm 30, 5'10" and weigh 156 (that goes as high as 160 on any given day depending on what I've eaten or drank, but not usually any lower than 156). I work out 4-5 times a week, usually with cardio (straight jogging 3-5 miles or doing intervals on the treadmill) and doing intermittent lifting/hiit stuff (on my own, not with a trainer). Full Story


Duana Names: It Works If You Work It


My husband and I are having our first child this winter and I am stressing about names. My husband's last name is very Italian, filled with lots of M's and r's and syllables. Many of my longtime favorite names for girls (Zara, Cecelia) are either filled with those same letters or sound too long and cumbersome when combined with the last name. Full Story

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