Duana Names: In short.


Please help me!  My husband and I are expecting our first baby - a girl.  I had to know the gender so I could start the difficult process of choosing the perfect name.  My husband and I are not agreeing on anything.  He like Charlotte and Ava.  Although nice names, I feel they are too popular. Full Story


Smutty Fitness: Shin Splints


Hi Hayley, I recently moved to Vancouver (yay!) and am trying to get into running since there are so many beautiful places to run. Even when I was in excellent shape (I used to be a swimmer) I really sucked at running. So I downloaded this "couch to 5k" app which is basically a walk-to-run program, and it is great so far! Here's the catch: I am only 2 weeks in and I am already getting painful shin splints. Full Story


Carpets & Candids: Heidi’s horrible black and leopard dress


How is this someone who gets to decide on fashion designers? In deciding to put this dress on and leave the house, she’s pretty much declaring that she knows nothing. NOTHING.  Full Story

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