Intro for March 3, 2015


Dear Gossips,

Did you know that it’s Chinese Valentine’s Day on Thursday? The Chinese Squawking Chicken gave me a list love matches and mismatches that I’ll post later this week.

Speaking of the Squawking Chicken…

I wrote a book called Listen To The Squawking Chicken that was released last year. THANK YOU for helping to make it a national bestseller! Today is the launch of the trade paperback with a brand new cover AND bonus content that includes an interview with my ma, the Squawking Chicken, and Feng Shui tips, and an FAQ, and more. You voted on the colour – here it is! For more details, please click here.

Would you like a copy? We’re giving away 10 copies. Please email inquiries@laineygossip.com with Listen To The Squawking Chicken as the title.

And while we’re on the subject of new books, Kazuo Ishiguro’s latest, The Buried Giant, is out today too. The Guardian called it “Game Of Thrones with a conscience”. I loved Never Let Me Go. God, I loved that book. It’s a perfect winter book, as is The Buried Giant, during these last lonely days of dark and cold. I was in the mood for it this weekend and I mainlined it along with a few fingers of scotch. You know how light and fluffy reading can dominate spring and summer? Ending your “serious reading season” with The Buried Giant is a good way to kick off your beach book list.

Yours in gossip,


Congratulations Kelly B of Pickering, ON who is the winner of this year’s Annual Red Carpet Contest! Kelly had 19 correct answers with the earliest time stamp on her ballot. She’s getting an Alexander McQueen bag, $500 to spend at Homesense, and an overflowing beauty products basket.

 Full Story


Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper in Serena review


The question, when watching Serena, is “Where did this go wrong?” Shot in 2012, it re-teamed proven screen couple Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence for an adaptation of Ron Rash’s novel directed by Susanne Bier, an award-winning Danish filmmaker. There’s a lot of talent on both sides of the camera in Serena, so why did it sit on the shelves for three years before getting a hasty, barely-there release? Answer: “Because it’s a mess featuring bad performances. Full Story


The parent at the party with strangers


I’m trying to bank some goodwill with you so here’s the second blind in two days. You’ll understand tomorrow. Motherhood hasn’t slowed her down. Not professionally and definitely not when she parties. I mean, some people can use recreationally and it doesn’t become a problem. Full Story

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