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Stephenie Meyer is ruining Rom-coms too now…

July 6, 2011 12:11:48 Posted at July 6, 2011 12:11:48
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Written by Sarah Although, I suppose, there’s not that much left to ruin anyway. I am a sucker for old romantic comedies—and I mean old, like Bringing Up Baby or It Happened One Night—which is why I’m so hard on modern rom-coms. Full Story

Saoirse Ronan enters the Black Hole of Taste

May 4, 2011 09:04:00 Posted at May 4, 2011 09:04:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Written by Sarah I think you all understand my disdain for the Twilight Saga as “literature”, and that I hold the movies to be only slightly better at best. I have zero respect for Stephenie Meyer as a writer. One of the few times I’ve ever been in synch with Oprah was when she had Meyer on her show and proceeded to treat Meyer like a housewife who won the lottery (which, basically, she did). Full Story