Intro for January 27, 2015


Dear Gossips,

Channing Tatum was on Kimmel last night. He did a bit with his childhood imaginary friend and then announced the winners of the Team Oscar contest. It’s a thing with the Academy where they invite people to submit videos about the best advice they’ve ever received and if they’re selected to be a finalist, they get to be part of the Oscar telecast. And then Tatum revealed the winners. The goal is to support emerging talent.

So… can we assume then that Channing Tatum will be presenting at the Oscars?

Speaking of the Oscars and Channing Tatum, there have been some of you asking about Jupiter Ascending, which opens on February 4th, and whether or not it’ll be Eddie Redmayne’s Norbit. I don’t know. I feel like if anyone has to own that, it’ll be Tatum. And Tatum is so popular within the industry and, clearly, so embraced by the Academy, he probably won’t have to wear it either. If Jupiter crashes then, it’s likely on the Wachowskis. Unless, of course, someone else’s campaign takes it upon themselves to make it an issue for Redmayne. And I’m not sure that looks good either.

The Screen Actors Guild went with Redmayne over Michael Keaton. I mentioned last week that something seemed off to me about Keaton during the Critics’ Choice Awards, you remember? Click here for a refresher. That’s the sh-t the Academy pays attention to. You could say that “Alright, alright, alright” was 10-20% of why Matthew McConaughey took it over Leonardo DiCaprio last year. Right now, Keaton’s not giving us any of that. And he’s not giving us any Jeff Bridges either, leaving room for young Eddie to come in with his freckles and his gratitude and his British accent.

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Tom Cruise’s pre-Twilight meadow


You know how that meadow is a big f-cking deal to Twi-Hards? Well f-ck off Twi-Hards, because Tom Cruise meadowed first! So you’ve heard about Going Clear? The new HBO Scientology documentary that premiered at Sundance? Word is HBO assembled a team of 160 lawyers to cover their asses so that they could go ahead and make this movie. Full Story


Intro for January 26, 2015


Dear Gossips,

Between the PGA Awards, the SAG Awards, Sundance, Paris Fashion Week, and blind riddle subjects filing for divorce, it was a busy weekend in entertainment. So it’ll be a busy blog today too, likely spreading out over two pages. Please refresh often and scroll down to click VIEW MORE if you’re joining us late.

But first…

You laughed. And then JLO’s The Boy Next Door exceeded box office expectations. “I like your mother’s cookies” WAS NOT A FLOP. That distinction belongs to Johnny Depp’s Mortdecai. Let’s repeat that:

Jennifer Lopez opened bigger in January than Johnny Depp.

As for the SAG Awards…

Inside a month to go until the Oscars and we now have two tight races: Birdman vs Boyhood and Keaton vs Redmayne for Best Actor. Full Story

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