Intro for September 23, 2014


Dear Gossips,

The New York Times is trying to apologise about that Shonda Rhimes article. Click here for more information about how they’re explaining themselves. They claim it was never their intention to offend. But is that enough? Can ignorance be excused by the absence of intent?

And, furthermore, there’s been no clarification about how poorly researched Alessandra Stanley’s piece was to begin with. Shonda Rhimes is a producer on How To Get Away With Murder but she didn’t create it. But if we’re talking about what she does or doesn’t create, in her own likeness, how reductive is it to posit that she’s “reclaimed” the “Angry Black Woman” by giving her a voice? Stanley’s misguided praise of Rhimes presupposes that she only writes for people of her own culture – at the expense of the other wonderful characters she’s created that don’t actually meet Stanley’s argument. Full Story


Looking good, Matt Damon


Matt Damon was one of the celebrity speakers at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York today. Damon has been actively involved in raising awareness and support for those who do not have access to clean water and sanitation in developing countries. The statistic he’s shared many times, quite powerfully, is that “more people in the world have a cellphone than access to a toilet. Full Story


Romeo Beckham’s second campaign


Romeo Beckham, second son of Victoria and David Beckham, will be featured in his second campaign for Burberry this holiday season. Burberry released this preview photo in advance of the editorial. Am I allowed to say he’s beautiful without sounding like a creep? Am I allowed to say that if he looks like this now, I can’t even imagine what he’ll look like when he’s an adult? This is one of the few times I’m happy I’m old. Full Story

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