Intro for July 22, 2014


Dear Gossips,

It’s Big G’s first birthday! His parents have urged the public to refrain from sending gifts, not only because that child has everything he could possible want, but also because that child only wants things he can crush. Like butterflies.

More images have been released from Big G’s visit to the butterfly exhibit, his parents gifting us with two more shots of the Bruiser Prince. As you can see, he’s fascinated by them, and at one point, reaches out to touch one on his father’s hand. That poor butterfly must have been like F-ck Me, how did I get chosen to hang out with the Gregor Clegane of the Windsor line?

And then there’s Blake Lively who launched Preserve late yesterday, reportedly two days ahead of schedule, clearly not intimidated by the royal milestone. I have some thoughts on Preserve from a gossip perspective. And Maria will be analysing it from the lifestyle business side with the experience she has as Managing Editor of Vitamin Daily.

It’s time for the Nerd Herd too. Comic-Con begins this week. Sarah’s preview will be post today.

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Boy Sh-t: Leonardo DiCaprio & Matt Damon edition


So…this appeared on Instagram last night: See, that’s the kind of gossip I’m talking about. Good Gossip. Not that we should believe what we read on Twitter and Instagram, of course not. It’s just… a kind of random story for a random person to make up. Full Story


Blake Lively’s Preserve: a lifestyle analysis


I’ve been so looking forward to the Preserve launch as I’ve worked in the digital lifestyle sphere for years, both as a freelance writer and in-house managing editor for Vitamin Daily. I can’t remember a website unveiling that has caused such a kerfuffle. Full Story

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