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Frances Bean & Courtney Love: a Sundance reunion

January 26, 2015 16:29:43 Posted at January 26, 2015 16:29:43
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Tommaso Boddi/ Getty Images

Have you been watching Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways on HBO? The short explanation is that the band travels to different cities across America to explore that town’s musical history. I mainlined several episodes during the holidays. The Seattle episode sent me into a Nirvana/Kurt Cobain nostalgia black hole that lasted two days. Full Story

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The couple of the year

January 10, 2014 16:18:03 Posted at January 10, 2014 16:18:03
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Page Six reports exclusively that Courtney Love and Aaron Sorkin are checking each other, even though his publicist denies that they’re “dating”. According to the paper though, Courtney’s been living at the Chateau Marmont, always a residence that promotes good, healthy relationships, and she and Aaron have been together for a few months. Full Story

Courtney and Frances Forever

May 31, 2013 14:21:20 Posted at May 31, 2013 14:21:20
Maria Posted by Maria
Fortunata/ Splash

The Smiths are getting a lot of attention this week, particularly for the, um, curious Vulture interview -- click here if you missed Duana’s post on it. Patterns and Joe Kennedy? Child’s play compared to the cray cray that is Courtney Love. Full Story

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New Year’s White

January 3, 2012 14:50:28 Posted at January 3, 2012 14:50:28
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Was this an official memo for New Year’s Eve that I missed? I feel like everyone wore white. I wore pants with an elastic waistband a grey fleece jumper, if that means anything at all. Not sure I can fit into skinny jeans anymore...This, obviously, isn’t a problem for Gwyneth Paltrow who spent NYE in Abu Dhabi where Coldplay was paid $1. Full Story

GOOP on the A List & Wood Burning Ovens

May 26, 2011 13:08:18 Posted at May 26, 2011 13:08:18
Lainey Posted by Lainey

This week’s GOOP is about pizza. Which I’m actually eating right now as I’m writing. It’s Dr Oetker which is a LOT easier than what G is telling me to do with her dough kneading and other various gourmet kitchen activities. Having said that, there are pictures. Of her doing the dough kneading and even a shot of her wood burning oven that she had built in her yard. Full Story

Dumbest idea ever

April 9, 2010 14:08:00 Posted at April 9, 2010 14:08:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Last year those UK tabloids kept reporting that Johnny Depp had been confirmed as The Riddler in the new Batman movie. At the time there wasn’t even a script ready for the new Batman movie. Needless to say the story was full of sh-t. As is this one. The UK Sun Full Story

Go get him!

February 9, 2009 14:52:00 Posted at February 9, 2009 14:52:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

It’s like she heard me… This is Sienna Miller tonight in London at the Elle Style Awards. Perhaps she’ll end up at the Groucho Club tonight. Perhaps Robert Pattinson will be there too. Good old Sienna looks like she’s half way there already. LOVE what she’s wearing. It’s old school SiSi. Full Story

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