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Dear Gossips,

The best article I read yesterday was about Bill Murray. Murray’s film St Vincent will be screening at TIFF. The festival wants to also take the opportunity at the gala to honour Murray’s career. Only no one was able to find him. Because, as you know, Bill Murray isn’t available like that. It’s legendary now how Murray lives his life – disconnected from Hollywood, absent from the carpet, but more likely to show up at some random person’s wedding and give a speech.

Apparently a search committee, that included Harvey Weinstein, had to be formed to track Murray down. So he didn’t jump when Harvey said “call me back”? LOVE that.

St Vincent was originally intended for Jack Nicholson and written in collaboration with him. It’s a familiar story – the crusty old man and the little boy next door. Nicholson ended up backing out because he’s pretty much retired now but suggested that Bill Murray replace him. They’re calling it one of the strongest performances of Murray’s career with an outside shot at a nomination. Outside shot? Who wouldn’t want to see Bill Murray win an Oscar?

I’ve attached the St Vincent trailer below. You know what’s throwing me off here? Naomi Watts.

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Allison Williams will play Peter Pan


Guys…what’s the problem? Seriously. Yesterday there was an announcement about Allison Williams playing Peter Pan in NBC’s live staging of the musical (you remember ‘The Sound of Music’ last year, right?) and immediately there was a massive storm on Twitter and the mainstream media was picking it up and the more I looked, the more my early suspicions were confirmed – it was about nothing. Full Story


Robert Pattinson’s blind riddle


Robert Pattinson covers the new ESQUIRE UK. It’s good shot on the cover. But inside… Those hands. Those weirdly delicate hands scraping his head, why do we need to see this? I interviewed someone recently with the same kind of hands. They’re the hands of the creeper in the horror movie who’s peering around the corner, the guy with the freak show dungeon in the basement of his house. Full Story

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