Sasha Finds: Mint Coats


Mint coat! Go! D  ___ Quick and to the point.  I like your style, so I won’t waste any time with formalities – let’s do this!   Plush. Warm. Super Dope.  That’s all you need to know about this (1... Full Story


Sasha Finds: Winter Boots under $50


I NEED winter boots but I have very little saved. I wish I could afford an ugg boot but I can’t so can you go on the search for something under 50 dollars?  Is that embarrassingly cheap of me? L ___ Why spend a bunch of cash when you don’t need to and to prove that point to you L, I’ve sleuthed out some great finds right on budget. Full Story


Smutty Fitness: Pedometers


Hello Hayley, How do you feel about pedometers? I would like to invest in a good one but I am on a budget. L ___ I am a pretty simple person and the only technology I have in my life is a smart phone, an apple TV and a laptop. I have never been into strava, or Garmin or other forms of GPS monitoring and I don’t have a cadence meter or speedometer on my bike. Full Story

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