Smutty Fitness: Shoes for the gym


Hi Hayley! I need some advice on shoes for training in the gym. My typical workout is a cardio warm-up, weights (either weight machines or free weights) or resistance training, followed by an intense cardio session. One day a week I do an hour of cardio alone (sometimes this is a spinning or fitness class). Full Story


Carpets & Candids: Gwen's shouldered sweater


I don't pull this word out very often but this sweater? Is dope. Wondering if it would have the same effect on someone with broad shoulders.   Full Story


Duana Names: His Name Is Rio…


Hi Duana, My husband and I have one son, Rio, which was always my dream name and he was kind enough to let me have it. But now we want something that goes along with that for our upcoming daughter and are having a hard time coming up with anything. Like, at all. She is due in about a month, so we would love your input! Our name is two syllables and ends in an 'ee' sound, for reference. Full Story

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