Sexiest Man Alive 2008 Articles

<p>Every year, People Magazine names its Sexiest Man Alive. Every year, 2 to 3 weeks prior to the announcement, I handicap the odds and predict the winning dude. Every other year I get it right, starting with Johnny Depp, then missing on Jude Law, correct with Matthew McConaughey, not with George Clooney, and on target finally with Matt Damon in 2007 who, in my defence, I&rsquo;d been calling for when George selfishly won for the 2nd time the year before.<br /> This year, People might very well go with President-Elect Barack Obama. But choosing a politician could be controversial. And People doesn&rsquo;t like to get the MiniVan all in a snit. Much safer then to stay with the stars, keep it frivolous, leave the important people lists to Time and the other serious publications.<br /> So what follows is an analysis of the pros and cons of the contenders. Have I forgotten anyone? Agree or disagree? Wanna fight? As always, would love to hear your comments even if I&rsquo;m unable to reply. But please remember &ndash; it&rsquo;s not who you WANT to be the SMA but who you THINK will be the SMA. And even though, like, Jon Hamm is totally on your Freebie 5, Jon Hamm is also a tv actor on an AMC show that not a lot of people watch. And if Patrick Dempsey couldn&rsquo;t make it, and won&rsquo;t make it again this year, Jon Hamm certainly isn&rsquo;t at all close. When you make your suggestion then, remember, the Sexiest Man Alive is almost always a big, big name, recognisable everywhere. <br /> Here we go.</p>