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Taylor Kitsch: haircut and girlfriend

November 21, 2014 15:08:42 Posted at November 21, 2014 15:08:42
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Noam Galai/ Dave Kotinsky/ Getty Images

If you didn’t rush to open this article, well, you don’t know. You just don’t know. You don’t know about the Friday Night Lights family. Because if you did know, you’d be like… TAMI TAYLOR AND TIM RIGGINS OMG OMG OMG Also… HE CUT HIS HAIR OMG OMG OMG And… IS THAT HIS GIRLFRIEND? Connie Britton and Taylor Kitsch were in New York last night at the 6th Annual African Children’s Choir Changemakers Gala. Full Story

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FNL Holidays

January 7, 2014 18:31:52 Posted at January 7, 2014 18:31:52
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Bauer, Splash

There were a lot of you who mainlined Friday Night Lights over the holidays, especially now that it’s available on Netflix, even in Canada! That was practically the first topic of discussion I had yesterday with Ben Mulroney who just started it before the New Year and, obviously, loves it. All of you love it. Full Story

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No more Tami Taylor

December 13, 2013 18:31:44 Posted at December 13, 2013 18:31:44
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Robin Marchant/ Dimitrios Kambouris/ Getty

Peter Berg confirmed recently that there will be no Friday Night Lights movie. Click here for a refresher. I don’t know anyone who’s sad about this. I’m not sad about re-mainlining all 5 seasons during the Christmas break and not having to worry that somehow they’ll be corrupted by whatever story they try to jack off of our memories about those wonderful, precious people we loved. Full Story

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013
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Dear Gossips,

It’s for the best, really. That there will be no Friday Night Lights movie. It’s for the best. Peter Berg told Collider that:

“There’s not gonna be a movie. We talked about it, some people thought it was a good idea, some didn’t; I’ve come to believe it’s probably not a good idea and I seriously doubt it’s gonna happen.”

One of those people who didn’t think it was a good idea was Taylor Kitsch. He told me as much at TIFF. I believe the exact words were, “No f-cking way”.

Are you OK with this? I wasn’t super OK with the notion of a movie so this decision feels like the right one.  Read Full Intro

Tami Taylor says Coach doesn’t want to do it

October 9, 2013 14:57:07 Posted at October 9, 2013 14:57:07
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Astrid Stawiarz/ Getty

So about that Friday Night Lights movie… Taylor Kitsch told me at TIFF that there’s “no f-cking way” it’s going to happen. Click here for a refresher. But we were at a party. Would it have been a different answer if the sun was up? Well… Connie Britton was on Watch What Happens Live this week and here’s what she said when it came up: "You know, there's been a lot of talk about a lot of things. Full Story

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The tears in Cobra’s eyes

August 9, 2013 19:31:28 Posted at August 9, 2013 19:31:28
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Do you remember that episode? If you don’t remember that episode, that’s your weekend homework. Because you obviously haven’t memorised Friday Night Lights. I sat on this for a couple of days because, well, at first I felt maybe bad since he’s not a famewhore or anything but, you know, since his wedding photographer posted these online, why not? And besides, a wedding is the perfect way to start your summer weekend. Full Story

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
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Dear Gossips,

The Critics’ Choice TV Awards happened last night. I had no idea those even existed. Here’s what made sense:

Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad tied for Best Drama. Bryan Cranston won for Best Actor in a Drama Series. Best Movie or Miniseries went to Behind The Candelabra and Michael Douglas was named Best Actor for it.

What didn’t make sense: The Big Bang Theory.

I don’t get it.

Just like Emmy voters don’t get Game Of Thrones.

Will this match the Emmys? Behind The Candelabra for sure. Game Of Thrones? Emmy voters prefer their English accents with tea. Sh-tty Downton Abbey has a better chance, I think. They’re all campaigning hard now in advance of the nominations which will be announced on July 18.  Read Full Intro

Six, Smash, and the Riggins Brothers

April 22, 2013 20:44:43 Posted at April 22, 2013 20:44:43
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Come on. Are you crying a little? If Texas is forever and Dillon was your jam for 5 seasons, this picture will make you cry. Street got married. And look who was at his wedding: Hi Smash! And those Riggins brothers. It’s too bad Herc wasn’t there. If Herc was there, I’d be useless for the rest of the week, because I’d start again at Episode 1 and not come out from my FNL cave until the series finale. Full Story

Tami Taylor: the candidate for the women of Dillon

October 30, 2012 17:30:44 Posted at October 30, 2012 17:30:44
Duana Posted by Duana

I’ve been watching CNN for the past 24 hours, which I never, ever do, but the storm coverage is dramatic and of course, there was the Ali Velshi factor. The surprising part to me was the political ad that kept running – every single commercial break. I forget that it’s standard issue in the U. Full Story

The incorruptible Coach Taylor

September 25, 2012 15:04:20 Posted at September 25, 2012 15:04:20
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Leonardo DiCaprio continued to shoot The Wolf Of Wall Street yesterday in New York, this time on a yacht holding lobster claws surrounded by bikini girls and exchanging words with Kyle Chandler. Judging by Coach Taylor’s working class suit, I’m guessing he’s a cop, the adversary to Leo’s excessive 80s trader-pimp. Full Story

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May 11, 2012 18:00:09 Posted at May 11, 2012 18:00:09
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Frazer Harrison/Getty

You didn’t think I’d let today go by without shouting out Landry, did you? No, Landry gets his own post, motherf-ckers!Check out Jesse Plemons like a young Moriarity last night at the LA premiere of Battleship with his ...girlfriend? So does Landry get to be part of the movie? You know the movie is happening, right?It’s really, really, really happening. Full Story

Worst Goodbye – Coach Taylor

January 30, 2012 16:52:33 Posted at January 30, 2012 16:52:33
Duana Posted by Duana
Alberto E. Rodriguez/John Shearer/Getty

I watched Moneyball on the weekend.  I mean, it was fine. It was good. Brad Pitt is good. He’s just doing a Coach Taylor impression, though. I don’t want to say a Kyle Chandler impression, because I know Chandler can be other people than just Coach.  But of course that’s been the role he inhabited for us for so long, so completely. Full Story

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Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, One More Time

January 11, 2012 16:27:45 Posted at January 11, 2012 16:27:45
Duana Posted by Duana

It has come to our attention that Friday Night Lights has been nominated for a DGA award!  As usual, cheers and delight.    And before I go any further, you really have to look at the company in which the show is nominated.   Homeland, Breaking Bad, The Killing, Game of Thrones. Full Story