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Game of Thrones 5.4: “Go and sing me a song”

May 4, 2015 13:10:12 Posted at May 4, 2015 13:10:12
Sarah Posted by Sarah

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 4 Recap Slightly boring episode this week since there isn’t a strong theme uniting the different narrative threads. We do get to catch up with the agenda down in Dorne—chiefly that Ellaria Sand and the super awesome kickass Sand Snakes are going to f*ck some Lannister sh*t up—but mostly it’s just table-setting for future episodes. Full Story

Monday, May 4, 2015
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Dear Gossips,

The only conversation I want to continue about The Fight is about the coverage. And specifically the two prominent female journalists who’d been critical of Floyd Mayweather and were not initially issued credentials. Several journalists, in fact, were allegedly banned by Team Mayweather because they called him out for his pattern of domestic abuse.

Michelle Beadle was then subsequently attacked on social media for… speaking up? This is a woman who has a voice and is willing to use it to remind us that we’ve glorified a man who has repeatedly abused women, a man who once compared women to cars

“Even though you can’t drive ten cars at one time, you got people that got ten cars. So, you’re able to keep maintenance on ten cars. So, I feel that as far as it comes to females, that same thing should apply. If you’re able to take care of 20, then you should have 20.”

Mayweather reportedly made as much as $180 million on Saturday night. And Michelle Beadle isn’t allowed to shake a fist at the sky. Click here for the background on the story. It’s 2015. And it’s still so easy to silence a woman.

A hard turn now…

MET Gala tonight! We take it very seriously here, as seriously as a major award show. So it’ll be an all-nighter. Join us if you’re staying up late! And send us your comments – bitch away, judge away, and, by all means, please… YELL.

Yours in gossip,


Smutty Tingles

May 1, 2015 20:30:36 Posted at May 1, 2015 20:30:36
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Thanks for all your messages about Sasha. She’ll be back soon. She’s just been taking a break. Keep emailing her though at or tweeting her @sasha_tong. She’s still online!

While you’re watching this, make note of the fact that his rep said he was just tired (Dlisted

JLO & Slum Bear are still together. As if you had any doubt (Just Jared

Chris Pratt is already thinking about retirement (Cele|bitchy

Katy Perry should consider this a permanent hairstyle. She looks great like this. (TooFab

Ryan Phillippe might have failed a Marvel secrets test (The Superficial

Miley’s bikini thumbs-up (Hollywood Tuna

Vera Wang’s edgy wedding dresses (Romance Beat

Reese Witherspoon’s daughter grew up SO fast! (Pop Sugar

Eddie arrives for the MET Gala

May 1, 2015 19:33:46 Posted at May 1, 2015 19:33:46
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe arrived in New York today presumably ahead of Monday’s MET Gala. He’s been before. But never as the Best Actor. The MET Gala will be the first major red carpet he’s been on since winning the Oscar in February. And before that, you’ll recall, it was MONTHS of red carpets and screenings which, obviously, paid off. Full Story

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Taylor & Calvin made it a month!

May 1, 2015 17:23:46 Posted at May 1, 2015 17:23:46
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Mariotto/ Fresh/ Splash News

Or more? It’s May 1. My personal rule is no bare legs before May 1 if I’m at home. Going bare legs today! May 1 also means that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are starting a new month together as a couple. It was at the end of March that it first broke that the two were together. Full Story

Russell Crowe directs The Water Diviner

May 1, 2015 17:03:49 Posted at May 1, 2015 17:03:49
Sarah Posted by Sarah
FOX/ Getty Images

Oh boy does Russell Crowe’s directorial debut ever put the “vanity” in “vanity project”. I cannot imagine a vainer self-directed project, and I say this knowing full well that Chris Evans also has a vanity project coming out this year. Crowe marks his directorial debut with The Water Diviner, in which he also stars, a historical epic about an Australian man who lost his whole family in World War I and then travels to post-Ottoman Turkey to try and find his dead sons and take them back to Australia for burial. Full Story

Amy Adams’s wedding weekend?

May 1, 2015 16:19:53 Posted at May 1, 2015 16:19:53
Lainey Posted by Lainey
FameFlynet, Splash News

Amy Adams hit the gym yesterday before heading out for dinner with her partner Darren Le Gallo and their daughter. They’ve been together 14 years. Page Six reported earlier this week that they’re getting married this weekend in LA. It’ll be a small affair, not a Hollywood blowout. Full Story

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Michael Fassbender uneasy head

May 1, 2015 15:50:57 Posted at May 1, 2015 15:50:57
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown It’s from a different Shakespeare play but I’ve always been fascinated by this quote. And I wonder if it’s still true. Because the power now is in the money. And, well, Rupert Murdoch may have had a few sleepless nights here and there but, come on, do you really doubt that he sleeps well? Anyway, the quote. Full Story

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Nick Kroll, Rose Byrne, and Bobby Cannavale in Adult Beginners

May 1, 2015 15:32:21 Posted at May 1, 2015 15:32:21
Sarah Posted by Sarah
Wenn, Bruce Glikas/ Getty Images

If it weren’t for the leading trio of Nick Kroll, Rose Byrne, and Bobby Cannavale, Adult Beginners would be a failed pilot at a broadcast network. There’s nothing new or even particularly engaging about it, but those three manage to make it watchable. The story revolves around Jake (Kroll), who returns home with his tail tucked between his legs after a tech venture crashes and burns, obliterating his and everyone he knows’ money. Full Story

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“Dad Bod” underneath the blanket

May 1, 2015 15:01:31 Posted at May 1, 2015 15:01:31
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Machete/ Pierpaolo Ferreri/ Splash News

Yesterday I posted photos of Leonardo DiCaprio acting the fool, hiding under a blanket/scarf while out in Milan. Here he is arriving at the Armani 40 anniversary party last night. What happened to the hot? The hot cannot be found. The hot has been missing for a while now. But… Maybe I’m just old. Full Story

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Bidi Bidi Bom Bom!

May 1, 2015 14:25:17 Posted at May 1, 2015 14:25:17
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Wenn, Rodrigo Varela/ Alexander Tamargo/ Getty Images

The Billboard Latin Music Awards happened last night. And everyone’s talking about Jennifer Lopez’s amazing tribute to Selena. It was JLO y Los Dinos. It was a medley. And it was spectacular. I’ve mentioned several times how much I loved that movie. How many times I’ve seen it. Full Story

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A spoiler-free review of Avengers: Age of Ultron

May 1, 2015 14:06:39 Posted at May 1, 2015 14:06:39
Sarah Posted by Sarah
Jamie McCarthy/ NBC/ Getty Images

The big question when it comes to Avengers: Age of Ultron is whether or not it’s “better” than The Avengers. Short answer—yes. Long answer—also yes. The Avengers is super fun and the end, especially, is a complete thrill. But three years removed from it, let’s all be honest—no one watches the first twenty minutes. Full Story

May 1, 2015 – Smutty Shout-Outs

May 1, 2015 13:47:40 Posted at May 1, 2015 13:47:40
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Teri! Happy Birthday with love from Megan! By request – Taylor Kitsch, Sam Heughan, Matt Bomer, and Johnny Depp (when he didn’t suck) are attached. Help is now just starting to arrive in Nepal. The work will take a long, long time. And there are some victims in remote areas who desperately need assistance. Full Story