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Duana Names: Making up a Monogram

October 28, 2015 22:24:41 Posted at October 28, 2015 22:24:41
Duana Posted by Duana

Hi Duana, I've loved reading this column and am excited (but overwhelmed) to have a need to write in. My husband and I are expecting our first child at the end of October. We are keeping the gender a surprise so we'll need both boy and girl name options. For a girls name, we both really like the name Maia. Full Article

Duana Names: Finding love for the third and last

October 26, 2015 19:36:00 Posted at October 26, 2015 19:36:00
Duana Posted by Duana

Hi Duana, I am due in late October with #3.  I will not be finding out the sex until he/she is born and I need your help.  I have two sons named Lincoln T and Callen X (unintentional "n" pattern noted after I started reading your "Name Nerd" answers), and I'm not sure where to go from here. Full Article

Duana Names: Nickname and Chill

October 23, 2015 19:13:01 Posted at October 23, 2015 19:13:01
Duana Posted by Duana

Duana, I need help. I think I've overthought and over-researched names until I have completely confused myself. I am due with our second baby, gender unknown, at the end of November. We are set on a boy's name - Declan. Our first child is Eleanor (middle name - Jane), and we adore it. Full Article

Duana Names: All The Worldwide Names You Love

October 21, 2015 18:49:38 Posted at October 21, 2015 18:49:38
Duana Posted by Duana

So while I’ve been recovering from the cold that will not die, and which is currently threatening to develop into the potentially WORST stealth side effect ever, you’ve been sending me your International Names that are ripe for co-opting. Herewith: I've always been a fan of the Basque: Julen, Iker, Mikel, and Imanol for boys and Ainhoa (a-ee-NOH-ah), Iciar (ee-SEE-ar), Aranzazu (nickname Arantxa), and Illari (ee-YAH-ree) for girls. Full Article

Duana Names: The Best Transatlantic Greetings

October 19, 2015 19:08:43 Posted at October 19, 2015 19:08:43
Duana Posted by Duana

I am writing you, asking you for an opinion on Norwegian/Scandinavian names. We are due at the end of October, and we're having a girl! We are both Norwegian and living here at the moment and we work in the creative field.  The child will have both of our last names, so therefore we are looking for a first name only, and our preference has tended to lean towards shorter names but we are open to your advice. Full Article

Duana Names: A Present for Me!

October 14, 2015 18:09:30 Posted at October 14, 2015 18:09:30
Duana Posted by Duana

Today is all about me. It is neither my birthday nor my wedding day, but I am so sick with a cold that keeps getting worse instead of better, and so I’m feeling sorry for myself. So I decided to run a letter that includes a present to me – and it’s not even a compliment!  Well, at least not solely a compliment: As a big thank you for entertaining me through a month expat year in Mongolia, I would like to give you a gift. Full Article

Duana Names: This email arrived entitled ‘Seriously, we’re f*cked’

October 9, 2015 19:30:11 Posted at October 9, 2015 19:30:11
Duana Posted by Duana

Hi Duana, For the last 15+ years, I have been a name nerd. I have an unusual name, and I come from a family of unusual names and nicknames. I had been carefully collecting and curatinga list of names for my future child and fiercely protecting them so word wouldn't get out. So it seems strange that now that I am actually expecting a baby, I am basically incapacitated with this task of naming a human. Full Article

Duana Names: Fix the Nick

October 7, 2015 18:23:29 Posted at October 7, 2015 18:23:29
Duana Posted by Duana

Hi Duana, We are expecting our first, a little boy, in late October, and my husband is insisting on a junior unless I have another name I'm truly passionate about (which unfortunately I don't).  The thing is, his name is kind of a pretentious one for a little guy: Howell. My husband got a lot of grief for the Gilligan's Island association as a kid, and even though that show will be more than 50 years removed from our son's school days, I think it sounds snooty regardless. Full Article

Duana Names: Strife, Drama, and definitely not Otto

October 5, 2015 19:27:22 Posted at October 5, 2015 19:27:22
Duana Posted by Duana

Hi Duana, We are expecting our second child in early October and we are not finding out the sex. We have a daughter named Alice (thankfully the royals side-stepped it!). We know it’s not really unique, but it’s not widely used where we live…(yet). Coming up with a name my husband and I agree on for our second child is straight up annoying as shat. Full Article

Duana Names: Within The Parameters

October 2, 2015 18:03:37 Posted at October 2, 2015 18:03:37
Duana Posted by Duana

We could really use some help. We are expecting in two weeks (yes cutting it close) and although my husband thinks we've landed on names, I'm feeling very uncertain. We are both francophones. Baby will have his last name (two-syllable French last name that starts with F). We also do not know gender of baby. Full Article

Duana Names: Getting the L out

September 30, 2015 17:58:29 Posted at September 30, 2015 17:58:29
Duana Posted by Duana

A little housekeeping: A big shout-out to Samantha who knew that the nerdiness of me was referencing the 8-child Pike family in the BSC books by saying I associated Margo with Byron in this column. I didn’t reply to her before because I was having email issues. Full Article

Duana Names: Not, you know, You-neek

September 28, 2015 19:18:30 Posted at September 28, 2015 19:18:30
Duana Posted by Duana

Hi Duana! Love your advice. So here's our predicament. Baby 2, whose sex we will not find out, is due October 8th. Our 1st, a girl, is Linden. We LOVE Linden because it is unique but not you-neek, it's a real but underused name, and it refers to a relative (her grandma is Linda). We have chosen Mirren if Baby 2 is a girl and love it for much the same reasons, though there's no family connection other than being Scottish, a background we share. Full Article

Duana Names: Names We Cannot Use

September 23, 2015 18:13:22 Posted at September 23, 2015 18:13:22
Duana Posted by Duana

Dear Duana, Help!  We are expecting our second son in early October. We had a difficult time naming our first son but once he was born settled on the perfect name for him, Mathis Alexander. You see, my husband is a teacher and I work with rescue dogs and have had the privilege of naming hundreds of dogs over the years. Full Article

Duana Names: Annoy Like The Wind!

September 16, 2015 18:41:35 Posted at September 16, 2015 18:41:35
Duana Posted by Duana

Hi Duana, I have a question that will probably annoy you on TWO levels lol. Sorry in advance! I am pregnant with our first girl and have a long history of Charles in our family. I've always wanted to call a baby girl Charlie as a twist on our family tradition but was nervous about going full Charlie. Full Article