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Thursday, October 31, 2013
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Dear Gossips,

What’s your Halloween association? For The Social recently we were asked to share our Halloween memories, like favourite costumes etc. I can’t remember any of my old costumes. I don’t have any photos of them either. When I think of Halloween, I don’t actually think of dressing up. It’s River Phoenix who comes to mind.

Last night I read an article in USA Today that touched on how it would be different if River had lived in the time of the internet. It was a such a shock what happened, partly because it happened – his lifestyle – without the public knowing about it. Without even many of his close friends and family knowing about it. River’s image at the time was totally wholesome.  Read Full Intro

Friday, October 18, 2013
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Dear Gossips,

I checked the Vanity Fair website first thing this morning to prep for an upcoming Gwyneth Paltrow post (coming later) but look what I found instead:

20 years after his passing, it’s a new book that examines his final days and River’s career in the context of the Hollywood of his time, including interviews with those who knew and worked with him. River and Hollywood in the 90s. Please. I’ve already pre-ordered it. Why did I never know that River’s name is anagram for “Viper Heroin X”? For those of you who don’t believe in superstition and the supernatural, science can’t explain that.  Read Full Intro

Franco + River at TIFF

August 17, 2011 09:57:25 Posted at August 17, 2011 09:57:25
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James Franco, the artist, has always said one of his favourite films, maybe even his favourite film, is Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho. Now the artist has collaborated on an art presentation about My Own Private Idaho with Gus Van Sant to be featured at the Toronto International Film Festival next month. Full Story

It’s the automatic association

August 3, 2010 13:33:00 Posted at August 3, 2010 13:33:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

And this isn’t meant as any disrespect to Martha Plimpton who is doing good work and has a new Fox TV show with Cloris Leachman premiering after Glee in September called Raising Hope and has been nominated for 3 Tony Awards and deserves to be recognised in her own right for her accomplishments but it’s just that, well, if you loved River Phoenix, you can’t help but think of him when you see her. Full Story