Sasha Finds: Full flower skirts

February 7, 2014 18:11:27 Posted at February 7, 2014 18:11:27
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Sasha! I’ve been watching The Social and Lainey has been wearing these big full skirts lately. But I’m looking for something with flower pattern.  I want to tuck it in with a plain top and wear it everywhere! Thanks K. 


I’m determined for you to show her up, so let me introduce you to a slew of spectacular skirts I’ve sleuthed just for you!

One of my go-to brands for eye popping patterns is MSGM. They’re the sh-t, and of course it was easy to find a couple of amazing skirts. Start falling in love here (1)  and here (2).

Sasha Finds: Full flower skirts

If you’re more of a feminine kind of chick that can get down with that whole I’m going to a garden tea party vibe, then take a peek at this (3) botanical beauty by Ted Baker.

Sasha Finds: Full flower skirts

But on the flipside, if you’ve got more style spunk than I’m giving your credit for then check out this (4) ultra-cute 70’s styled skater skirt.

I don’t know how to classify these next three other than to say they’re exactly what you’re looking for and you should buy them. Get clicking here (5), and here (6) and here (7).

Sasha Finds: Full flower skirts

Now, if after seeing all of this you’re too scared to do that much volume, then let me ease you in with some toned down style options here (8), and here (9), and here (10)...

Sasha Finds: Full flower skirts

…and here (11) and here (12). 

Sasha Finds: Full flower skirts

Hope you found something here that you love! And to the rest of you reading keep your LIFE + STYLE questions to

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