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Wednesday, April 15, 2015
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Dear Gossips,

The 2015 list of the Worst Jobs came out yesterday with Newspaper Reporter ranking #1 followed by Lumberjack. I totally thought Telemarketer would be on there but it’s not. Do you know how mean people are to Telemarketers? You’re about to tell me how annoying they are and how awful it is to be harassed at home. I get it. But I also used to be one. And it’s not like I was putting on my headset every day intending to piss you off, my only career goal. For most telemarketers, it’s a living. To feed their families. So because that used to be me, I’m generally receptive when a Telemarketer calls. I always want to do the survey. Except I always get disqualified on the second question because I work for a media company.

Anyway, coming in at #5 on the list of Worst Jobs of 2015 is Broadcaster.  Read Full Intro

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Dear Gossips,

Been growing a small crush on Brian Williams for years – mostly because I love it when he’s on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. But now? After his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week?

It’s hard.

For the Gin and Juice, sure. And the Rapper’s Delight before that, fine. But mostly it’s the interview. He is so f-cking great in this interview. One minute Williams is invoking Foxy Brown. The next he’s dropping news anchor phrasing, and all the gravitas that comes with it. News Anchors, ah yes. We’re supposed to take them seriously. We’re ONLY supposed to take them seriously. Most of them, almost all of them, wouldn’t get loose like this for fear that we’ll never again take them seriously.

But I know he knows his sh-t.  Read Full Intro