Still, but not really, Kate Bosworth


Julianne Moore won an Oscar for her performance in Still Alice. In all the talk about Still Alice, apart from Moore’s name, who else did you hear mentioned? Kristen Stewart, for sure.  But, um, not really Kate Bosworth, right? I totally forgot she was in the film. And I’ve SEEN the film. Full Story


Sequels No One Asked For: Blade Runner Edition


Blade Runner is a classic. Arguably, it’s a masterpiece. But it’s from 1982, which means it must be revisited/reimagined for a contemporary audience because pop culture is a ravenous beast that survives on nostalgia and memes. Rumors of a potential Blade Runner sequel have been swirling for the last few years, and yesterday it was confirmed—Blade Runner 2 is happening and Harrison Ford will return to star as Deckard, one of the most mysterious protagonists in cinema. Full Story


Scarjo defends Travolta


Scarlett Johansson has released a statement to the AP about John Travolta in response to reaction after this photo of the two of them was taken at the Oscars:  Full Story

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