Sasha Finds: Beyonce’s jumper

July 25, 2013 17:17:56 Posted at July 25, 2013 17:17:56
Sasha Posted by Sasha

Hey Sasha!  I’m in love with Beyonce’s jumper when she was here in Toronto – any idea the designer?  Thanks L!


I sure do, L! She’s wearing a jumpsuit by House of Dagmar (1), but the bummer is you’re going to have to wait until their fall collection hits stores. However to fill the fashion void I’ve sourced out some sweet jumpers that you’d be crazy not to adore! Get clicking here (2), and here (3), and here (4) …

Sasha Finds Beyonce's Jumper

…and here (5), and here (6), and here (7) and oh wait one more here (8) ..

Sasha Finds Beyonce's Jumper

With that out of the way I might as well give you the low down on the rest of her outfit, especially the accessories - starting with that jaguar printed bag! 

Bey ain’t cheap so be prepared because she’s sporting a 3 grand Gucci (9). But L, if you’re not rolling with deep pockets, it’s all good because I’ve got some other options that are just as fly here (10), and here (11)...

Sasha Finds Beyonce's Jumper

…and here (12), and here (13), here (14) and here (15).

Sasha Finds Beyonce's Jumper

Rounding out her look she’s sporting some crazy awesome-ass sunnies (16) and a cute rolled brimmed hat (17).

Sasha Finds Beyonce's Jumper

Typically I’d give you other options to choose from, but I can’t front - nothing compares! You’ve gotta buy them straight from her style!  

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