Smutty Book Roudup – October 9, 2015

October 9, 2015 20:10:21 Posted at October 9, 2015 20:10:21
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A couple of years ago I blogged about my obsession with writer couples: Zadie Smith and Nick Laird, Vendela Vida and Dave Eggers, Nicole Krauss and Jonathan Safran Foer. Click here for a refresher. Jonathan Safran Foer you know, likely from Everything Is Illuminated. Full Review

Luckiest Girl Alive

July 30, 2015 20:48:48 Posted at July 30, 2015 20:48:48
Maria Posted by Maria

I first saw Luckiest Girl Alive on Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram feed, and I knew that she was obviously going to buy the book’s film rights – would she be promoting it otherwise? Tracy Flick knows what she’s doing. So when I found myself on a 5-hour flight, I knew that was the book I wanted to read, because Reese’s acquisition skills have been pretty solid: Gone Girl and Wild, so far, with Big Little Lies to come (with Nicole Kidman). Full Review

Smutty Book Roundup – July 17, 2015

July 17, 2015 20:17:43 Posted at July 17, 2015 20:17:43
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Grey, the book. You read it? Click here if you missed Maria’s review. I’ve stopped at 20%. Which means it’s worse than Fifty Shades Of Grey because at least with that one, I actually made it through the whole thing. You could argue that for Fifty Shades Of Grey, EL James knew what would appeal to *some* women, writing in a woman’s voice for a female audience. Full Review

Grey is Beige

June 30, 2015 16:30:27 Posted at June 30, 2015 16:30:27
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Yesterday, Lainey wrote about the #AskELJames hashtag hijacking (click here for a refresher) and, having read the book, I can understand where (and who) those tweets are coming from. People like me who spent $11.99 on Grey. I’ll start with the bad and get to the worse (things won’t get better): Grey is not the worst book I’ve ever read. Full Review

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Trillium Book Award Nominee Readings happening tomorrow!

June 15, 2015 13:49:30 Posted at June 15, 2015 13:49:30
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-Sponsored- I read Margaret Atwood’s Stone Mattress last year. You don’t need me to tell you that it’s great. She’s always great. What I loved about Stone Mattress though is that it didn’t feel like I was reading. It felt like I was remembering old stories told to me by a dear but mysterious aunt who only visits once a year, who’s seen and done more than I could possibly see and do, and who makes you believe that magic is elusive but that it exists. Full Review

In The Unlikely Event review

June 8, 2015 19:18:56 Posted at June 8, 2015 19:18:56
Duana Posted by Duana
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Spoilers everywhere – come back if you haven’t finished. You know, usually I am not afraid of endings. Usually I am the one who says things like “I’d rather something end well, early, than go on too long”. I am unsentimental, not because I’m heartless, but because usually, there are lots of things to love. Full Review

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In The Unlikely Event

June 2, 2015 15:25:29 Posted at June 2, 2015 15:25:29
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It’s a momentous day. There hasn’t been a day like this in almost 20 years. Today, Judy Blume releases her new book, In The Unlikely Event. I know a lot of you feel the way Lainey and I feel about that. That Judy Blume ushered you through your childhood, was accessible but not overbearing and condescending in your adolescence, and somehow seemed to be a friend who’d always been there in adulthood. Full Review

Smutty Book Roundup – April 24, 2015

May 22, 2015 20:46:29 Posted at May 22, 2015 20:46:29
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Yesterday (over afternoon tea at The Langham – because what else do you talk about over finger sandwiches?), Lorella and I exchanged anecdotes about our favourite subject: Elvis. This is one of the bonds of our friendship. Years ago we discovered that we both went through a period of Elvis Obsession when we were about 12 years old. Full Review

Smutty Book Roundup - March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015 21:45:41 Posted at March 16, 2015 21:45:41
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Been on a really heavy reading streak the last few months. By heavy I mean volume and content. Part of it is that I let my shelf get too high. And I’ve been preparing for Canada Reads. The debates began today. Click here to see this year’s list. Full Review

Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant

March 3, 2015 16:25:35 Posted at March 3, 2015 16:25:35
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Kazuo Ishiguro’s latest, The Buried Giant, is out today. The Guardian called it “Game Of Thrones with a conscience”. I loved Never Let Me Go. God, I loved that book. It’s a perfect winter book, as is The Buried Giant, during these last lonely days of dark and cold. I was in the mood for it this weekend and I mainlined it along with a few fingers of scotch. Full Review

New Adult Books

January 21, 2014 21:38:27 Posted at January 21, 2014 21:38:27
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But first… Have you read Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park and Fangirl yet? Please do. I’m going to nag you about this until you do. And if we were in person together, I would withhold this list until you proved to me that you did. Thanks for your patience re: my New Adult book binge. Full Review


November 14, 2013 14:35:44 Posted at November 14, 2013 14:35:44
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This post contains spoilers. Please click away now if you’ve not yet read the book. I will include some filler text below to make sure that the article cuts off without giving anything away. cjaopa[oboaiboaboab;oubaub’pabjpambl’abaib’a;j’abk’bpiapibapi [ai [bpiabi a[bb [i[ai ba[ib[ai bab[aib b[a b[ab abpoubapoub auob apu bpbuabb abpuapu bpaoub paoub paub pau bapuame;ojeogopaupeouoaw[aoo[weua cpyapbouapbu abpua poubaubpa uba  bapobupoaub pau bpapa bpaubpua bpup iuenekjhdpya;eneh cpaybpa[bub[aubpaibe[oeeeeapjbae[eoa OK, are we ready? It took me five days to read Allegiant. Full Review