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Brad Pitt makes his moves

September 23, 2016 14:00:33 Posted at September 23, 2016 14:00:33
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Gene Young/ Splash News

It’s now been 24 hours since the allegations against Brad Pitt and what may have happened on that plane were reported. As of this writing (7am Friday) he has yet to release an official statement vehemently denying that he was drunk and may have gotten violent with his children. Full Story

Brad Pitt on hold

September 22, 2016 20:03:34 Posted at September 22, 2016 20:03:34
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Jackie Brown/ Splash News

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce on Monday citing last Thursday, September 15 as the date of separation, one day after Brad Pitt Full Story

Brange’s performative parenting

September 21, 2016 15:48:43 Posted at September 21, 2016 15:48:43
Lainey Posted by Lainey

I was asked last night why I thought Brange was so once in a lifetime, beyond the obvious: their looks, their matched mega-fame as individuals, the scandal that marked the inception of their relationship, and the internet. Also their family. The children. The Brange children were introduced to the world at a time when motherhood was reintroduced as a publicity strategy, coinciding too with the rise of the mommy blog. Full Story

A Conversation with Gabrielle Union

September 21, 2016 13:42:28 Posted at September 21, 2016 13:42:28
Kathleen Posted by Kathleen
Jon Kopaloff/ Getty Images

Yesterday, Gabrielle Union tweeted out what she called, “One of [her] favorite interviews of [her] career.” She sat down with Zon D’Amour of to talk about white privilege, sexuality, consent, The Birth of a Nation and her op-ed Full Story