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Over the last few weeks we’ve been discussing “Potentialists”, a group of people that American Express has identified as wanting to get more out of life through enriching experiences. We’ve featured celebrity potentialists who find fulfillment through travel, philanthropy, hobbies and interest including Scarjo, Natalie Portman, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We’ve also featured some of your inspirational stories. Click here to catch up on all our previous “Potentialist” features.

This week we wrap things up by looking at Rachel McAdams and her work for the environment, and we examine some results of a goal-setting survey conducted by Angus Reid on behalf of American Express Canada as we set our goals for 2011.

First of all, so much love to Rachel for avoiding that tempting Los Angeles lifestyle. She chooses to stay in Toronto. And in Toronto she either walks or bikes or takes public transit everywhere. Dude, Rachel McAdams just headlined a movie with Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how extraordinary this is among her peers. That she’d rather not travel in an SUV with a personal umbrella handler. And she does it because she is Green.

And sexy.

Green Is Sexy is Rachel’s green living website shared with two friends. You’ll note that on the “About Us” page of the site, there is no mention whatsoever of her Hollywood status, only that Rachel “dreams of one day living in a treehouse and being able to grow her own food.”

Green Is Sexy is full of helpful tips on eco-living – from a warning on the dangers of the Brazilian blowout to advice on how to make a t-shirt last longer to the proper way of disposing condoms, and they update often to keep things fresh. Click here to visit Green Is Sexy.

I’ve heard from many of you who’ve run into her at conventions and trade shows, promoting green living, with no special treatment, the same as everyone else with a booth, and she is engaging, inspiring, and totally committed to the message without throwing it in your face in a way that feels like she’s benefitting from her own social activism. And this is what makes McAdams a true Potentialist – she has written her own life code, adheres to that code, not because it’s from a playbook for what someone does in her position, but because it’s something that feels right to her. These are life decision decisions that require goal setting, planning, and commitment.

I’m not big on writing down my goals. Business plans aside, I generally don’t make an official note of what I need to do. I prefer to have a running list in my head. Which is fine when it comes to most things in my life including etalk assignments and blog to-do lists, but not when it comes to exercise. I need my trainer to hold my hand over the fire or I might succumb to the temptation of taking a nap instead. Why aren’t there exercise pills you can take?

I’m sure I’m not alone with this view on exercise. Nor am I alone with my tendency not to document my goals. According to the Angus survey, over half (55%) of Canadians keep track of their goals using a “running list” in their heads. Only1 in 6 (15%) write down their goals, while twice as many (30%) do not keep track of their personal goals at all.

So what about you? Are you setting any goals for 2011? Do you set goals in general? Do you write them down or keep them in your head? Do you tell others about them?

Which group do you fall into?

Before we sign off on our Potentialist feature, we’d like to share one more reader story. Thank you again to those of you who wrote us about your experiences based on our post from last week about JGL’s passions. This week we chose Shreve’s amazing story of a passion for photography and her muse Charile – a coyote. Here are snippets of her story.

For as long as I can remember, I've known that I was a photographer. Though my parents did not support this career choice, I went to photography school and got my BA degree, then moved to NYC where I lived as a starving artist. Literally. I loved my life in New York, difficult as it was, but moved to San Francisco for two years to help care for my godson when his parents were self-destructing….

…Within months, I had fallen in love with a cowboy and one spring day, he stopped by my rustic one-room cabin (no indoor plumbing, woodstove as only form of heat) with a baby coyote pup in the pocket of his coat. The coyote pup was about ten days old, orphaned after his parents had been shot for killing sheep. My cowboy asked me if I wanted it. To be completely honest, I didn't!....

…About three months into this, my best friend from third grade called me and said, "Your pictures are amazing, Charlie is amazing, I forward the images to my friends and they forward them on to their friends, and Shreve, you really should be getting paid for doing this." And so I started a blog, archiving my past photographs of Charlie, and opened up a subscription list for the daily emails.

Six weeks after my blog went live…

Click here to catch Shreve’s entire piece.

Thank you all so much for your participation as we explored the Potentialist over the last few weeks, and to the folks at American Express Canada for providing direction for the discussion. We enjoyed it and we hope you did too.

Visit the American Express Realize the Potential page to see how the company is encouraging Canadians to realize their full potential. Or to learn more about Amex Canada, check out their Facebook page.

Here’s Rachel McAdams at the New York premiere of Morning Glory in November.

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