Nine and the Centaur

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 17, 2009 08:18:16 November 17, 2009 08:18:16

There was a screening last night of Nine. ARod the Centaur accompanied Kate Hudson. You’ve heard about that, haven’t you?

According to Us Weekly that egomaniacal motherf-cker commissioned TWO self Centaur portraits to hang over his bed. Something to jerk off to?

Dude, if I walk into a man’s house and he’s a centaur on the wall, THAT is a dealbreaker. Just like the Dodge Magnum, just like Ed Hardy, just like a Chinese writing tattoo, that’s the sh-t you run from. Unless of course you’re Kate Hudson.

Which is surprising. Because she seems too cool for his lame game. Must be the sex.

Interestingly enough, during an interview with MTV News for Nine, Kate was shown a mockup of ARod in centaur form. She laughed but didn’t deny it. So she brings him a world series ring and he turns into a horse hybrid and f-cks her silly? Hollywood is so crazy.

Can we go back to talking about Nine?

DDL attended the screening and the promotional events yesterday as did Penelope Cruz and the Dame Judi Dench. Meanwhile, early reviews are coming in. And they are good. Very, very good.

First however…

Ain’t It Cool News was at the Q & A with Rob Marshall who confirmed that he will be directing Pirates of the Caribbean 4 with Johnny Depp. Jack Sparrow jazz hands? I kinda love it.

As for Nine

Click here for the review. See? You never, ever EVER count out Daniel Day-Lewis. Also my Marion is astounding. And Nicole Kidman is the weakest link. Weaker than Fergie. Oh Freeze. Oh Third Lip. What have you done?

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