When the ex-husband is a centaur…

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Really, really love this story. Thanks to Stacy for sending along.

Kate Hudson is dating ARod. ARod was married to Cynthia Rodriguez. Cynthia was photographed last week with a new man, some guy called Laszlo – click here to see the photo, it’s an important part of the story.

So the picture is released and naturally the comparisons start flying around and, well, you know ARod thinks himself a supernatural being, all man animal with the sex powers of a mythical beast so of course they were sh-t talking poor Laszlo about his inferiority. Laszlo’s penis didn’t appreciate it. So Laszlo had to defend himself:

“I’m a private person, so I didn’t make myself known after the picture with Cynthia came out. I saw online that folks are comparing me with Alex. That’s ridiculous. That picture is an awkward picture from an awkward position. I don’t care what people say. I’m physically fit and I know I’m not bad looking.”

Oh Laszlo. Are you embarrassed for him?

It gets worse.

Immediately after telling Page2Live that he’s better looking than people were giving him credit for, Laszlo actually updated his open Facebook profile with a cheese douche glamour shot.

Click here to see it. YOU MUST.

How. F-cking. Amazing?

Boys and their balls, it often leads to the best sh-ts and giggles.

As for ARod and Kate Hudson, they were in LA for Thanksgiving and hit the gym together for a pre-dinner workout. Her ass is sick.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and INFphoto.com

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