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Jesse Pinkman in the front row

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 17, 2012 20:32:53 September 17, 2012 20:32:53
Gareth Cattermole/Getty

This is for Maria who’s mad at me because I’ve yet to email her back about Aaron Paul at TIFF which is not even half as interesting (and mostly hilarious) as these photos of Aaron Paul front row at Burberry (I’ll post the full collection to LifeStyle Full Story

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Season 5 Episode 8: A dead man’s thoughtfulness

Maria Posted by Maria at September 4, 2012 15:29:21 September 4, 2012 15:29:21

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 8 recap I had a long intro that I worked on over the week: it was about Mike’s loyalty to his crew and Walt’s constant demand for gratification and accolades. But once I watched the episode I scrapped it because Breaking Bad moves quickly; yes it is layered, nuanced and complicated, but it also tells a linear story that evolves and grows even if, as viewers, we aren’t emotionally done with a character yet. Full Story

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Season 5 Episode 3: Cooking Under the Big Top

Maria Posted by Maria at July 30, 2012 18:22:27 July 30, 2012 18:22:27
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 3 recap A suit walks into a jailhouse to see his client, with Mike posing as his paralegal (that’s a pretty brilliant ruse). The client is Dennis, one of 11 from Lydia’s list. Dennis swears he won’t flip, but there are 9 people left (Chow and his killer were crossed off last week) and if he doesn’t someone else will. Full Story

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Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 2: Madrigal

Maria Posted by Maria at July 23, 2012 18:46:48 July 23, 2012 18:46:48

I’d like to rename this episode Prophylactic Measures in honour of Mike. He has a certain eloquence to him, no? Scene opens in a lab, where a Christopher Walken-esque old dude is trying out an array of sauces, while a team in white lab coats anxiously await his opinion. The head scientist is going through the flavours (the entire conversation is in German):  versions of honey mustard, French dressing/Ranch fusion (Franch!) and smoky mesquite BBQ are presented. Full Story

Live Free or Die

Maria Posted by Maria at July 16, 2012 18:47:51 July 16, 2012 18:47:51
Kevin Winter/Getty

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 1 recap Walt has hair! On his head! He looks so different, dressed in casual, slightly dirty clothes, unkempt beard, no wedding ring and black-framed glasses. He shows the chatty diner waitress a fake ID to get a free , greasy birthday breakfast (and to shut her up). Full Story

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We’re Running Out of Time Together

Maria Posted by Maria at July 13, 2012 16:40:06 July 13, 2012 16:40:06

I’ve come to a very sad realization that I can never be with Aaron Paul in real life. It’s not because I’m married (on the Freebie 5 physical limits do not exist), but because he loves concerts. I hate concerts. Could we overcome this obstacle? I just don’t know. Promotion for the season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad this Sunday on AMC (set your DVR, yo!) is in high gear. Full Story

Breaking Bad Season 5 preview: Season 4 review

Maria Posted by Maria at July 5, 2012 19:28:07 July 5, 2012 19:28:07

“I am the one who knocks.” -WW Poison figures prominently this season. Poison is how these people choose to kill because it’s underhanded, precise and can be done with a smile. Poison has to be administered by someone close, someone who appears to be an ally. But it’s not just literal poison; Walt is a poison, too. Full Story

Aaron Paul is not Jesse Pinkman

Maria Posted by Maria at June 5, 2012 21:16:01 June 5, 2012 21:16:01

(Lainey: Ready for the final season of Breaking Bad? The recaps are coming. But first, every week leading up to the premiere, Maria’s posting previews. Then we’ll be recapping the new episodes.) Aaron Paul is not Jesse Pinkman. But in my mind he is. Because I want him to be. Aaron Paul doesn’t do a ton of press; I don’t know if that’s by design or by demand, but this two-page New York Magazine piece Full Story

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Draco Malfoy & Jesse Pinkman

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 29, 2011 20:07:31 December 29, 2011 20:07:31
BRJ/Fame, Splash News

It was always something playing at the back of my mind. Couldn’t place it until now...Here’s Tom Felton in Miami this week. Do you watch Breaking Bad? He looks like Aaron Paul, right? This is what I’ve been thinking all these years watching Breaking Bad but haven’t been able to name...That Aaron Paul is Draco Malfoy. Full Story

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