Josh Harnett > Ryan Phillippe

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Josh Hartnett >>>>>>>>>>>>> Ryan Phillippe. ALL DAY.

Abbie Cornish spent last week in New York shooting The Dark Fields with Bradley Cooper. By the weekend she was spotted in Santa Barbara hanging out with Josh Hartnett and his puppy. A reader called Nora wrote to tell me she saw them together. They were walking his blue-eyed bulldog, seemed very friendly and relaxed, laughed a lot, he appeared to be the friendlier and chattier of the two of them.

Josh is tall. Was wearing a hat, hair was messy, still with that pervy ‘stache, in blue-rimmed shades, while Abbie (apparently very little in person) was in leggings and a tank, hair in a ponytail. MUCH better way to spend her time than with that has-been of a douche Ryan Phillippe, non? Friends and maybe more with Josh Hartnett is infinitely preferable to having to massage Ryan’s weak ego.

Josh was last seen in Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club sitting next to that dude without his shirt on. He’s headlining a new film called Gunslinger. Abbie meanwhile was apparently handpicked by Madonna to star in her movie W.E. about Wallis Simpson. Abbie is to play a woman obsessed with Simpson and Madge is supposed to write and direct.



Please Your Madgesty. No. More. Movies.

I really, really did love the Handsome Men’s Club.

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