Rescue your water from artificial ingredients with Tetley Infusions

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 30, 2012 15:29:14 May 30, 2012 15:29:14

Tetley wants to save you, the flavoured water-drinking gossip, from your ‘regular’ flavoured water this summer.  Tetley uses real-brewed, naturally sweetened Tetley tea to make liquid Tetley Infusions. No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours. And it blends perfectly in water for natural refreshment anytime.

How are they going to save you?  Firefighters, naturally.  Hot firefighters.  Hot muscular firefighters.  Saving you and your water from your other water.  Don’t believe me? 

Between now and September 3rd, the Tetley Infusions rescue squad and their crew of "trainees" will be driving their truck around all summer, protecting you and your water.  You’ll be able to follow where they’ll be, invite them to your events, and even help Tetley pick the crew.  Voting starts on June 1, 2012. Click here to have a look and to vote. 

Back to the tea for just one minute.  Tetley Infusions are available in convenient single-serve sachets and instantly mix with water for the refreshing taste and goodness of real-brewed, naturally sweetened Tetley tea.  They are specifically developed for people who want something other than artificially-sweetened, flavoured and colored water. Tetley Infusions come in 7 natural flavours, including Green Tea with Pomegranate, Green Tea with Peach & Mango, White Tea with Blueberry, White Tea with Cherry & Orange Blossom, Classic Tea with Mediterranean Lemon, Red Tea with Strawberry & Raspberry, and  Summer Berries with Hibiscus herbal tea. 

Click here to learn more.  And watch for more updates on voting for the Tetley Infusions Rescue Squad.

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