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Let this guy experience your menstrual symptoms!  

Who ever thought there could be anything fun about menstrual pains? Well, the new contest from Midol® — Let this guy experience your menstrual symptoms — should give you a good laugh. Have you ever thought about how men would cope with menstrual symptoms?  Now’s your chance. Enter the Let this guy experience your menstrual symptoms contest to see how one guy copes.  Plus you’ll have a chance to win a $5,000 shopping spree!

You probably know Midol® relieves period pain, but did you know that there are Midol products that work to relieve these symptoms?

-Muscle aches
-Breast tenderness
-Water weight gain

Don’t forget to check out the Midol® site for lots of great tips on coping with menstrual symptoms.

-What you eat can affect your symptoms. That's why it's important to eat right.
-Being physically active can reduce the severity of PMS and menstrual symptoms. So, to minimize symptoms, keep moving — it's another way of coping with symptoms.
-No matter how busy you are, it's important to make the time to relax and rest
-If you are having trouble coping with your symptoms, or you experience new or unusual symptoms, talk to your doctor
-Hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect your period after your baby is born. Learn about what to expect after pregnancy.

Knowing how to minimize symptoms and cope with them helps you reclaim that 'time of the month' so you can get back to living your life instead of suffering and feeling miserable. Simple everyday lifestyle changes can also help ensure that your period won't slow you down.

And always remember there’s effective medication for PMS and menstrual symptoms. Midol® products can help you get fast relief of your various menstrual and premenstrual symptoms symptoms. Find the right Midol® for your symptoms.

-Extra Strength Menstrual Midol® Complete.  Learn more.
-Extra Strength PMS Midol® Complete.  Learn more.  
-Teen Midol® Complete.  Learn more.

To be sure this product is suitable for you, always read and follow the label.

Text and Images courtesy Midol®

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