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On to the final week of our SCENEtourage series.  Over the last few weeks we’ve been working with our friends at SCENE to bring you highlights from some major upcoming Hollywood releases and giving you a chance to enter to win FREE movies at a Cineplex Entertainment Theatre for you and a guest for ONE YEAR!  Details on how to enter as well as the many benefits of being a SCENE member are below.  Have you entered yet?  Do it NOW if you haven’t cause the final draw is around the corner. What else is there to do but see movies, sometimes two a day, during the holidays?[Alt-Text]

Last week it was MI:4 versus Sherlock Holmes:  Game of Shadows. Click here if you missed it. This week, what else could it be?

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

How does the “aloof” Rooney Mara compare to the original Noomi Rapace? Reviews so far are solid. And reviews for Rooney have been overwhelmingly positive. This is a career making role, as we always knew it would be. Which is why Rooney keeps trying to erase her acting past. She doesn’t want to be known as anyone other than Lisbeth Salander.

I just realised both Lisbeths are currently in theatres at the same time. Noomi Rapace is in Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows. Which … I feel like I might see both back to back now, one right after the other.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo of course is more than just Rooney Mara. It’s also David Fincher, her creator. There would be no Rooney Lisbeth without David Fincher, and it goes deeper than a simple director-actor relationship, as we all noted from their interview together in Vogue. He was her Food Boss and her Film Boss… and that relationship has a certain meta-ness to it that kinda blurs the lines of art and life.  Am very curious to see her through his camera.

Attached: Rooney Mara and David Fincher at a photo call in Stockholm last month.

Now back to the contest.  What exactly can you win?  How about 48,000 SCENE points! That’s two movies per month for you and a guest for an entire year!  

And how do you win?   First, you have to be a Canadian resident, at least 14 years old, and a SCENE member in good standing.  If you’re not familiar with SCENE, it’s the first and only entertainment rewards program in Canada that is packed with benefits including FREE Movies and 10% off movie snacks at Cineplex Entertainment Theatres, and exclusive Contests and Discounts for SCENE members only.  Points are easy to earn and redeem and you’ll get 250 just for joining.  Click here to join SCENE and for more details.  

Once you join, click here to go to our contest page and fill out the ballot.  Fill out the form and enter your SCENE membership number. The grand prize draw will take place on December 29, 2011 and the winner will be contact via the email address provided.  We’ll also be doing weekly draws for two movie passes (2000 SCENE points) from entries received between featured SCENEtourage posts.   Congrats to Stefania B for winning the week three draw. We have more weekly draws to come, too! So enter now.

That wraps up our feature.  Big thanks to our sponsor SCENE for sponsoring the feature and for putting up the amazing prize packs.  We will be in touch with the winner of the grand prize draw next week so keep an eye on your emails!  Good luck!


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