Snape at Sundance

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Alan Rickman is a sexy beast. Yum. Especially in his hilarious striped jeans and leather cape at Sundance. OK so maybe it’s not a cape but still…wouldn’t you love to see Snape rock a leather cape?

If you’re a Potter fan, a large part of your heart probably belongs to Alan and to Snape. The Half Blood Prince is currently shooting in England, Snape of course factors importantly in book six, and this is what Alan had to say when Entertainment Weekly asked him about it at Sundance:

EW: Okay, I think your wranglers are giving me the signal, but I have to say, even before I got to the end of the Harry Potter books —
AR: Before you go any further, I never, ever talk about that character. Number one, because it"s not fair on kids who haven"t read to the end. And for me to say anything — there"s a bit of it that just should be left innocent. It"s real storytelling, what she"s done, and I"m part of that. So I just never talk about it.

EW: When do you go back to shoot Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?
AR: They"re shooting six [now], and I start shooting my part of it beginning of February.

EW: It"s a bigger part for you this time.
AR: Ahh.... There"s important stuff. [Smiles]

Snape! Sob!


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