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Gilmore Girls: A, Single, Non-Definitive, Year In The Life

November 30, 2016 20:40:54 Posted at November 30, 2016 20:40:54
Duana Posted by Duana
AKM-GSI, Jose Perez/ Splash News

I really appreciate having couple of days to sit with A Year In The Life. I took my time, as Kathleen texted me ever-more-frantically. “Have you started yet?! HURRY!” “OMG.” “OMG ARE YOU AWAKE?” (OK, that last one was me.) I feared being disappointed, because I thought the show might be sanitized or saccharine. Full Story

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Alexis Bledel is Rory Gilmore

November 29, 2016 21:01:56 Posted at November 29, 2016 21:01:56
Kathleen Posted by Kathleen
NBC/ Getty Images

She always will be, right? Alexis Bledel could shave her head and go on to win an Oscar (HA) for playing an ex-con or something and she’ll still be Rory Gilmore. Duana is going to recap Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life so #nospoilers but we’ve been exchanging late night texts which consist mainly of me yelling at her to hurry up and finish because OMG THOSE FINAL FOUR WORDS. Full Story

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Hamilton, Harry, and Gilmore

November 22, 2016 17:02:47 Posted at November 22, 2016 17:02:47
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Amanda Edwards/ Jason LaVeris/ Alberto E. Rodriguez /Getty Images

I got lucky back in June. On June 12th, right after the Tony Awards ended, a new block of Hamilton tickets was released and somehow I was able to get a couple, good seats too, on December 3. New York City on a Saturday night during the holidays with Duana. It’s Duana who’s the Hamilton scholar on our team. Full Story

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Gilmore Girls in Berlin

November 11, 2016 20:50:40 Posted at November 11, 2016 20:50:40
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Matthias Nareyek/ Getty Images

I'm through two seasons of Gilmore Girls. It's not a show I feel I need to rip through. I don't stay up to 4am burning through episodes. That said, I do look forward to new ones, I'm just not an addict. But I think this is to the show's advantage. It might be the show's secret, which I'm sure is not a new observation, since I'm so late coming to the series and probably every angle of analysis has already been made. Full Story

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Gilmore Girls just got way more important

November 10, 2016 18:36:58 Posted at November 10, 2016 18:36:58
Duana Posted by Duana

I’ve always loved the factoid that economy influences fashion: When times are tough, formal stuff, like military influences or higher heels, are in– if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you want each thing to look like a million bucks. During flush times, though, looking like you don’t make an effort is key—that’s why parents were horrified by ripped jeans in the 80s. Full Story

Road to Gilmore Girls: Trailer of Melancholy

October 25, 2016 17:34:11 Posted at October 25, 2016 17:34:11
Duana Posted by Duana

I love the way the fans are being treated with the Gilmore Girls revival. There is a treat every other week. It’s kind of ironic, because wild horses couldn’t drag these fans away. And this trailer delivers all the goods.  Every face you wanted to see, right? There’s Logan! There’s Taylor! There’s OMGJess! There’s Lane, there’s Paris, there’s Kirk(!?), there’s Gypsy, even… …and now I say ‘enough already’. Full Story

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Waiting to meet Milo

October 12, 2016 20:06:00 Posted at October 12, 2016 20:06:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Noel Vasquez/ Getty Images

Duana has been trying to get me to watch Gilmore Girls for a long time. I was sick all weekend and it was Thanksgiving in Canada so I started and have now finished the first season. While I’m not in love with it yet, I am in love with Emily Gilmore – so much. Also Mr Medina is gross – SO GROSS – and I don’t know why Lorelai is attracted to him. Full Story

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Lorelai and Rory Return November 25th

July 27, 2016 20:30:02 Posted at July 27, 2016 20:30:02
Duana Posted by Duana

“I like knowing things” So do I, Rory Gilmore. I like knowing what I’ll be doing on November 25th, the day after American Thanksgiving, when the four ‘seasons’ of Gilmore Girls drop on Netflix. I like knowing that, though Lorelai’s kitchen table is intact, and still cluttered enough to give me anxiety, you both appear to have grown up. Full Story

Michelle and Rory, Sitting in a Library

June 27, 2016 19:21:27 Posted at June 27, 2016 19:21:27
Duana Posted by Duana

When Barack and Michelle Obama became the most media savvy and best-dressed First Couple in our collective memories, we all nodded, sage. It made sense. Sure, Barack would want to keep his Blackberry, and obviously Michelle Obama wore Lululemon. (OMG, that last sentence. Were we ever so young? Now he has a toddler phone Full Story

Gilmore Bait...and switch?

April 7, 2016 19:54:08 Posted at April 7, 2016 19:54:08
Duana Posted by Duana

This week’s Entertainment Weekly has exclusive photos of the upcoming Gilmore Girls movies coming to Netflix later this year, and I am curious. I am excited. I am very, very much aware that I’m being teased. There’s nothing in these pictures we don’t know. Full Story