Worst Oscar Space Case: Amanda Seyfried

February 25, 2013 17:20:11 Posted at February 25, 2013 17:20:11
Duana Posted by Duana
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Amanda Seyfried actually kind of makes me laugh at the best of times, and though I thought the Jimmy Kimmel piece was really overdone, I did like the part where she broke it down dancing in Cosette’s clothes. She’s harmless, she’s entertaining at times, she’s pretty cute. My issue with Amanda at this point is mostly that I wish she cared about herself a bit more. Like for example, look at that dress of hers? Look at the neckline.   

It doesn’t lie flat. It’s not fitting properly. And unlike some other costars of Amanda who made reckless choices about their dresses at the last minute, I kind of feel like this one was a long time coming. So if that’s the case, then I don’t understand why it didn’t fit well, why she didn’t say anything, and how she thought nobody would notice when the flappy part is up by her face and distracting in every shot on television? Does she just not care? This is possible, I suppose, but she always looks a bit fussy not to care at all, no? 

I mean it’s McQueen, girl!  Show some respect!

On the plus side, her harmonies in One More Day give me chills, and she somehow manages not to look like a weirdo in a red dress. In fact, part of her staying power is that no matter what you throw at her, she kind of manages not to look like an idiot. It’s not something you could harness, and it doesn’t make up for how she’s always a little scattery, but it is underrated for sure.

Oh, and there’s that face.  Which is OK.  If you like that kind of thing.

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