Back on the Jolie bandwagon

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 5, 2006 12:00:00 February 5, 2006 12:00:00
I am a fickle bitch. And several weeks ago, Angelina Jolie occupied a firm spot on my Freebie 5. Then she got all domestic and I booted her to make room for Jake Gyllenhaal. And f*ck, do I ever regret that. I might be hard on the Pitts and I might not be shy in calling them master media manipulators, but I don"t think I"ve ever denied that this is is the Hollywood union that gives me the most smutty pleasure. I just wish there was less jungle gym and more jungle sex, which is why my enthusiasm has waned of late. There are only so many times I can watch the Mr & Mrs Smith DVD before feeling like a creepy fan. So then I made it a point to tape Angelina"s appearance on Nightline last Thursday. Feeling beat, I went to bed early, happy to have something to watch over breakfast the next day. Big mistake. Because after watching it, I spent the rest of the morning daydreaming about the two of them in various states of undress, writhing about in peace-sign printed Egyptian sheets. Even though he wasn"t present during the interview and even though she spent most of the time talking about her goodwill work, I couldn"t help clapping every time she said "we" and squealing when she referred to her family as a "we" unit. We, we, we, we, we. Meaning Brad and me, Brad and me, Brad and me. I know what you"re thinking. So Hello Kitty. And yet such is the irresistible appeal of Angelina Jolie. The woman is a total babe. And I want her. I want her so badly I just might have to ressurrect the Erotica from days past. Anyway, to watch the Nightline clip, check out JustJared. And take a look at these lovely photos of the family in Germany, just before heading off for Paris, at an indoor children"s playground from DListed. The European tour then apparently took a turn for France and as you probably know, everyone is waiting on pins and needles for Valentine"s Day when the British tabloids have reported that they will marry. My sources say…not so much. Take that for what it"s worth.

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