Pale Dress, Pale Skin

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 12, 2011 06:57:30 May 12, 2011 06:57:30

As mentioned earlier, Angelina Jolie and the cast of Kung Fu Panda, including Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman, were at the Palais today for a presser and a photo call. Dylan and I saw Jack Black in Old Cannes last night walking up St Antoine to have dinner. The stars don't usually roll like that here. They go for private dinners, they stay away from the masses. I mean, I guess Jack Black isn't really a star who causes a mob scene typically but still, if he had wanted to move around all special-styles, he totally could have.

The Jolie on the other hand, well, it's just not possible for her. And chill out Brangelunatics with your hatemail bombing. I will write about my interview with her once I get settled on a proper blogging situation so I can sort out my thoughts. I will say I liked better what she was wearing yesterday at the junket. It was a black dress but her black shoes, they were gorgeous. Angelina's not normally known for any steeze, let alone shoe steeze, so I was impressed. It was the first thing I saw.

Today, in the sun, so pale in that pale dress, I wasn't really feeling it. She was in great spirits though, really turned it on, giggling with Dustin Hoffman and why not? He is really, really delightful. We all had amazing interviews with him yesterday. He tried to set me up again with his son Max and then gave me hug when I left. He gave my friend Teri Hart a bottle of champagne. Love him.

As for the Jolie - I mean those legs…

I really wish she'd do something about them.

A few French paps next to me were trying to shoot her from the side because they thought the dress was bigger around the middle, giving her some hips. And you know, the Jolie doesn't have hips. It certainly looked like she could go down a size to me - it was hanging off of her - but what they meant of course was that they thought there was a bump under there. Or wanted to think there was one under there so that they could sell it as such. I didn't really see it but I admit, I didn't really spend a lot of time on this. That doesn't mean you won't put this under a microscope. Giv'er!

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