The Jolie in character

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 18, 2009 09:59:49 February 18, 2009 09:59:49

She’s been in New York this week, said to be prepping for production on Salt, the Tom Cruise movie that was gender switched to accommodate her amazingness. It’s back to the badass bitch we know on screen: Angelina plays a spy, wrongly accused, so she runs around the world eluding capture while gathering evidence to prove her innocence. So like Jason Bourne. But femme. And maybe no amnesia? Whatever…it doesn’t matter.

Because look at her. She’s getting into character already. Enough with the saving babies earth mother. More of this: trench coat, challenge pout, sexpot death glare behind those dark glasses…and her skin looks gorgeous.

Good. Bring some of this to the Oscars on Sunday. No doubt she’ll leave shortly for LA to blithely walk the carpet with her fellow nominee and lovahhhh Brad Pitt.

Tanya Kim and I will be on a balcony directly above them while they’re entering the Kodak on Sunday Night. And the balcony is not high.

If you could shout anything at the Brange, what would it be? Don’t say “Adopt Me”. This is tired.

And for those of you who are baby obsessed – The Jolie took her girls shopping today. Look at them with their little baskets! As usual, Miss Zahara is telling you she’s not impressed. The Chosen One meanwhile is sticking it to Jennifer Aniston: You can bring your boyfriend to the Oscars but I’m still the perfect looking child.

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