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Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 29, 2009 13:47:46 September 29, 2009 13:47:46

Written by Jacek

Angelina took Maddox grocery shopping today in France, stopping to sign some autographs outside the store. The full-length black bed sheet made another appearance. I think it’s getting to the point where she has only two looks. Her “going grocery and/or toy shopping” outfit, which is basically the same each time as pictured here, and whatever she might wear for a red carpet or premiere. I’ll just group variations of those looks together.

I kinda feel like I have something in common with the Ang. Maybe she wears the same clothes every day at home like I do my tear-aways (it’s cooling down – the tear-aways have replaced my rotation of shorts). Maybe she skips the odd shower, or doesn’t shave for a few days at a time. Maybe she’s a bit like all of us (most of you, of course, may not do these things. But you know what I mean).

But would an every day Angelina get the kinds of reactions she appears to have received in this photo set? Chick on the left in the first photo walking out of the store…And then I said to him, no you didn’t, and then he said, but you wanted to stay in, and then I said, yes bu…WTF…is that Angelina Jolie? And the stocky looking dude in the black shirt looks like he was just touched by the hand of God and can live out his life knowing he will rest in peace.

That being said, I’m surprised she can actually go out like this without being mobbed. The French are so cool, non? Oh, luke over zer. Zers Anjelina Jolie....anywey...do you ave a cigarette?

Posted by Jacek
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