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What’s the common denominator?

August 4, 2008 06:02:00 Posted at August 4, 2008 06:02:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

The moment you’ve been waiting for… Hello Magazine purchased the European rights to the Pitt Family photos and, of course, as you know, People Magazine secured the exclusives in North America. Note the People cover – what’s the common denominator? The parents, the Twin Wonders, and the Chosen One too! As for the other three? Totally irrelevant. Full Story

Change your plans on Sunday

August 1, 2008 08:17:40 Posted at August 1, 2008 08:17:40
Lainey Posted by Lainey

What will every Brangelunatic be doing on Sunday at 7pm EST? Hovering over the computer, of course. Probably hovering all weekend, counting down the hours, the minutes, the seconds. Until the unveiling. When they will receive their blessings from the Holy Jolie Twins on the cover of People Magazine. Full Story

Tabloid Wars: Preparing for The Twins

July 30, 2008 12:00:41 Posted at July 30, 2008 12:00:41
Lainey Posted by Lainey

JustJared is reporting that the Holy Jolie Twins have been sold to People Magazine. As such, every other publication is bracing for annihilation, pumping out salacious covers in the hopes of banking as much money as they can before the double deity double issue stagnates their sales. Full Story

The Holy Twins vs Aniston: showdown at TIFF?

July 24, 2008 12:17:06 Posted at July 24, 2008 12:17:06
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Come September, Toronto could be flooded with Brangelunatics who are so, so, SO angry today and losing many valuable work hours over that Us Weekly cover. How dare anyone suggest that the Holy Twins were conceived in any other way but the Pitt Porn natural way. Now a change of pace… We’re a month away from festival season and my sources tell me the Brange have supposedly confirmed they’ll be at TIFF to promote Burn After Reading. Full Story

Tabloids Wars: The Holy Twins In Vitro!

July 24, 2008 07:40:49 Posted at July 24, 2008 07:40:49
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Safe to say Us Weekly was never in the running for the first exclusive shots of the Holy Jolie Twins. As such, in a bold pre-emptive move, Janice Min and her clever gossips are trying to squeeze as much money out of the twins-obsessed public as they can, in advance of those highly anticipated photos sure to annihilate newsstand sales for everyone else – likely in People Magazine or OK!, both bitter rivals of Us Weekly. Full Story

Brad Hates Britney

July 24, 2008 06:52:12 Posted at July 24, 2008 06:52:12
Lainey Posted by Lainey

As you know, the Pitts always sell. The Chosen One always sells. Photos of the First Family of Celebrity are the most lucrative of them all. And since the Pitts have retreated to France, every time they hang out on the terrace, every time they go shopping, every time they play in the garden, those images are immediately purchased and published. Full Story

More fun with Dad

July 23, 2008 05:45:12 Posted at July 23, 2008 05:45:12
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Time for your daily spy session on the Brange. Brad Pitt, his boys and the Chosen One out yesterday for some fun around their chateau. Maddox took the lead on his little motorbike as dad followed behind in a golf cart with Shiloh on his lap and it looks like Pax trailed behind on his whatever you call it but I want one. Full Story

Angie is fatter than Granny

July 21, 2008 11:08:04 Posted at July 21, 2008 11:08:04
Lainey Posted by Lainey

The clever folks at Bauer Griffin were able to capture the first shots of Angelina Jolie out of the hospital, on the grounds of the Pitt Family chateau watching her kids play. You will note that even the skinny ass Angie, always at the centre of ridiculous heroin rumours that are complete bollocks because of her veiny arms, even Angie after twins wearing black is fuller everywhere than Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman wearing white. Full Story

Do you need an obstetrician?

July 16, 2008 12:54:04 Posted at July 16, 2008 12:54:04
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Because Dr Sussman is the best obstetrician ever in the history of obstetrics! Dr Sussman of course is the man who delivered the Holy Twins on Saturday in Nice. He’s also been the star of several press conferences and even now, now that the double deities have arrived, Dr Sussman is STILL talking.  Full Story

The Holy Birth

July 14, 2008 05:30:10 Posted at July 14, 2008 05:30:10
Lainey Posted by Lainey

All those magazine covers and exclusive stories, all the rumours, all the speculation... the Pitts must have been laughing. Hard. Because remember, in the end, the Pitts are always in control. And with the birth of a girl AND a boy, the Pitts proved them all wrong. For weeks and weeks, it was a foregone conclusion – Entertainment Tonight going so far as to prematurely report the names of two baby girls born to The Brange called Isla and Amelie. Full Story

The True Punk

July 4, 2008 10:30:37 Posted at July 4, 2008 10:30:37
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Ryan Adams likes to think he’s punk as f&ck. He should learn from little Maddox Pitt who is 7 years old. The kids have been visiting their mother in hospital on rotation. Here’s Maddox arriving today for some time alone with mom. Full Story