Free hands, no pockets

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 29, 2010 17:35:42 January 29, 2010 17:35:42

We run on weekends in the endowment lands, a forest in Vancouver with great trails and light hills and the most beautiful trees, and a section that looks like the ewok territory from Return of the Jedi. I used to go alone, with Marcus, but Fiona and head up there together because there are now some safety concerns after an attack last year. Fiona is a much faster runner. She goes ahead, I’m behind, and she doubles back for me at junctions to make sure I’m ok. I hate exercise, I will never love it like some people, but with my earphones in, among the green, it’s the best of a bad situation. But it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t something to complain about.

We drive there. It’s about 7 minutes from my place. So we have to carry keys. And a phone. And an iPod. And a leash. And a dog sh-t bag. And my pockets are always full. Which is a bitch when you’re running.

So this is Anna Paquin today in Venice. Free hands. Am jealous.

She has a cute, fit, healthy body. And unlike some twats in that town, it looks like she works for it. Great toned legs that aren’t too twiggy, well proportioned arms, tight core… a good example. And a Canadian wearing Lululemon.

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