April 24, 2014 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 24, 2014 14:05:39 April 24, 2014 14:05:39

"To Eva in Ottawa and Gillian in Nova Scotia (or BC wherever you are right now) my fellow law gals who love LaineyGossip! We're done! Congrats on slaying the dragon and beating law school! Love Anne."

“To Carolyn: We are all so proud of what you've done with The Dress Down and major congrats on winning the One to Watch award at the Irish Blog and Online Publishing Awards - award winning after 2 months??!!! Are you f-cking kidding me? We have long relied on you for your fashion know-how and now the rest of the world can too. Love your gossipy pals xxx Here's Lupita, your dream girl and style muse for us all x”

“Happy belated, but still glorious, 30th birthday to V from B. So sorry I couldn't get my sh-t together on Tuesday evening to line up a shout-out on your real birthday. Lainey regularly says that your 30s are the best, and thus far I have to agree. If in your 20s, we witnessed Ebola Hilton, Bieber and Lohan meltdowns, the Why Is? that was January Jones, Leo's "dance" moves, the rise of the nerd, and even the Sit. Down. that sadly became Chris Evans, imagine what's in store for your next decade! Welcome to the club. Get comfy and chill with a tall glass of wine while Lainey provides as many sexy Game of Thrones men as she can for your (belated) big day! Love you V!”

And for Ella! Happy 38th Birthday! Have a great time in my beloved Vancouver this summer! Where to eat? Here it is: in my opinion, Vancouver sushi is the best in the world. It doesn’t even have to be fancy sushi. Five dollar sushi in Vancouver kicks everyone else’s ass. My favourite mid-range “family” restaurant is Earl’s. It’s a chain. You can definitely bring your children. And the Sante Fe chicken salad is crazy good. If you’re willing to go outside of downtown, The Flying Beaver is always fun. If you’re able to ditch your kids though, Hawksworth and Blue Water Café for sure. You won’t want to leave Vancouver. I’m jealous you’re going.

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