August 31, 2012 - Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 31, 2012 14:57:57 August 31, 2012 14:57:57

Angelica! Happy Birthday tomorrow with love from your “proud momma” Rebecca! I’m honoured to be something you share with each other every morning. Have a great, great long weekend!

Congratulations to Alison R who is marrying Mouktar on Saturday! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to meet you and Dominique at the Faculty of Celebrity Studies in Ottawa. It’s coming back though, promise. And you can show me some highlights from the wedding!

Happy 30th Birthday to Simmi on Monday from Rosie who is so proud of you that you’ll soon complete your PhD! Of course there’s no exit plan, right? You both ended up in Winnipeg from Brantford! This is a sign!

Malia! Wishing you the best wedding weekend in Seattle - Congratulations from Kerry! Sorry about the whole Johnny Depp thing. But ... like... there is MUCH TOO MUCH around his neck, right??? Yes, Laurie is better. Good idea. Am totally watching Little Women this weekend.

And finally for Sarah from your sister Angie -- Happy Birthday! I feel like it’s an annual tradition for the 3 of us. And I’m tremendously grateful to know that you’re both still out there reading. Angie says she’s ever in awe of you. That you manage all the responsibilities with such a great attitude especially during what’s been a rough few months. Here are Mark Ruffalo, Jon Stewart, and George Hincapie by request. What’s this I hear about projecting the Princess Bride on the side of the house...!?!? With prosecco? INVITE ME!!!

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