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Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 18, 2013 15:06:17 October 18, 2013 15:06:17

Moving to Toronto turned me into a “house” person. I still don’t watch home improvement and design shows, no, but I spend a lot more time thinking about “dressing” my kitchen, or my basement, or my bedroom, than I ever have before. Right now we don’t have a dining room. We also realised this weekend, while hosting both our parents for Thanksgiving dinner, that we don’t have serving spoons, you know, like to scoop potatoes or tongs to serve salad. We only recently discovered how great it is to have a bread board. Look at it. I’m weirdly obsessed with it. Isn’t that a beautiful bread board?

My first bread board is from Homesense. Jacek and I go every weekend because they bring in new items all the time and he’s all in a hurry to get everything we need all-at-once-right-now-rush-rush-rush and I’m kinda like, let me take my sweet time and wait it out, like I’d wait out the perfect pair of white pumps which, it’s been over a year and I still can’t find them. I feel like this is what you do when you’re kitting out your home though. It’s long term prospecting. Or sometimes, you fall in love with something that you didn’t know you needed but you know you have to take it with you.

Like this adorable stool. Up close it looks weathered, like it’s survived it’s time, an old nanny that has raised a few families. I’m short so it’s helping me reach all corners in the kitchen already, and so much cuter than a plastic generic one, right? It was the only elephant there and since Homesense doesn’t overstock and because they’re always bringing in new items, I feel like my elephant stool (ha!) and I were destined for each other. 

Check out these great hooks we just put up by the front door. Jacek and I have very different taste. He’d previously brought home a few that were heinous. I keep telling him he has the eye of a 20 year old frat house college kid. Our entire kitchen is actually kinda collegey though. We have hand-me-down pots and pans and cutlery and nothing grown-up to put food on.

So for Thanksgiving I picked up a bowl and a platter. Did I do ok? When I come home and see this on the counter, filled with fruit, it makes me happy.


We’re giving away two (2) Homesense gift cards for you to have your own shopping spree.  Each card is valued at $400 CAD and two (2) winners will be picked.  To enter, we would typically have you email an entry and run a random draw.  But in the spirit of (Canadian) Thanksgiving that just passed, we’re going to do this one a little differently:  We’d like to hear about who you are thankful for, and the winner(s) will be the person making the submission and the person about whom the submission is written.  The only catch is that both you and the person you’re nominating need to be in Canada as the cards are only valid north of the border.

If you’d like a chance to win, email [email protected] with “HomeSense” as the title before EOD PT on Monday (October 21, 2013), and in a short paragraph (50-200 words) please tell us who you think deserves the gift card and why.   We’ll pull aside our favourite submissions and draw from the ones we select.  The winner’s email will be featured in an upcoming Smutty Shout-Out and both the submit-er and submit-ee get $400 each to spend at a local Homesense.  Thanks and submit away!

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