Belly Cupping: Halle Berry edition

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 14, 2013 18:11:33 June 14, 2013 18:11:33

You know I hate the belly cupping. And I know many of you hate me for hating the belly cupping. Where we generally agree however is on the belly cupping by the baby father. It’s gross.

Here’s Halle Berry having her belly cupped by her baby father Olivier Martinez in Paris yesterday. Now, the common excuse for mother belly cupping is heaviness. Please don’t tell me he’s holding it up for her because of the heaviness. If you need another human being to hold up the human being inside of you, maybe you shouldn’t be walking around in heels on a red carpet. No, it is not the heaviness. He’s holding it there because he wants you to know, if you didn’t know already, that this is what his dick made. Not even a French dude can make that look good.

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