Random in Dubai

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 11, 2008 15:01:00 December 11, 2008 15:01:00

The Dubai Film Festival kicked off today – many stars are expected to make appearances throughout the course of the event and the first to arrive … totally random.

Ben and Casey Affleck, not really sure what they’re promoting other than themselves, and too lazy to find out, although if Casey’s willing to talk about Joaquin Phoenix’s rap career, I’m all over it.

Also Goldie Hawn who most certainly does not have a film in the festival but will host an AIDS benefit tomorrow and festival hopping seems to be her thing anyway – she was in Cannes for no apparent reason as well, seen by many at the VIP Club all over some dude who was not Kurt Russell. Clearly that’s how they like it, so I love how this broad rolls. 63 be damned!

And then there’s Danny Glover. Oh Danny Glover. He’s wearing his slippers on the red carpet.

Here’s the thing about Danny Glover, and it’s not particularly smutty because it’s about Danny Glover, but it’s one of our favourite things to laugh about on junkets because invariably ALL of us have had a Danny Glover experience.

He’s the loveliest person. So gentle and sweet …but he’s maybe the worst interview ever. First of all because he never sticks to point. So if you have 5 questions and 7 minutes to ask him, and you need to deliver your tape so your producers at home can cut a story based on those 5 answers, you are always super stressed out about Danny Glover because his answer to the first question just might be 20 minutes. And it might include what he had for breakfast 3 weeks ago, and a book he read when he was 35, and what he loves about Cuba and before you know it, the interview is f-cking useless. Not to mention distracting. Because there’s always something going on with his feet. Today it was slippers. Sometimes he just doesn’t bother with shoes. This is what I was treated to – just socks. Occasionally he’ll go bare feet. I hate feet so I was relieved. Others haven’t been so lucky.

And the best and funniest part about interviewing Danny Glover?

Sometimes he falls asleep. Like mid interview. Like he’ll be talking and he’ll be droning on and it’s so boring and he’s even boring himself, so much so that he’ll just close his eyes, and that’s it. He’s out.

I unfortunately have not had the pleasure. But two of my colleagues have and several others working for different agencies too and God bless him, maybe he was just tired because doing press can be exhausting but it’s the reason why, when we look at our junket schedule and see his name, as endearing as he is, everyone is dying inside, losing the will to live.

Photos from Wenn.com