Ben & Cary

October 14, 2015 15:14:53 by Lainey

Cary Fukunaga’s Beasts Of No Nation was screened at the Directors Guild Of America last night in LA as Netflix continues to push for award consideration. Abraham Attah was there to represent the cast but no Idris Elba – he’s probably still working on Star Trek, because otherwise, if not for scheduling conflicts, there’s no way he would miss time on the campaign circuit.

You know who did show up though along with John Legend?

Ben Affleck, the director.

And he shaved.

Oh man…

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ben without a beard. And I thought there might be an improvement without the beard. But… um…well…

Standing next to Cary’s beauty is almost unkind.

But I should say something nice, right? Fine. On the plus side, his skin, without makeup, sure is taking the light really well. How’s that?

It’s called Karma Face.

Chris Pizzello/ Invision/ AP/ Rex Features via AP Images

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