Chrissy O’s big smiles

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 25, 2015 14:32:09 August 25, 2015 14:32:09

In today’s installment of The Chrissy O Show…

She went to the gym. With a friend. One the friends who’s been talking to the tabloids? I guess that’s how you get around an NDA. As you can see, even though the paps are following her around now, and even though she’s now known around the world as Ben Affleck’s nanny-mistress, Chrissy O is still all smiles. Which means, really, she doesn’t have to say anything at all. Either there’s nothing to deny or, being a product of the Instagram insta-fame generation, she doesn’t want to deny it because, well, why deny something that’s working to your advantage?

For the last three weeks, Ben Affleck hasn’t been able to open an internet browser without seeing Chrissy O’s face beaming back at him – a reminder of not only what he did, but what he didn’t do. It’s been a major publicity disaster. They were hoping it would blow over. They thought they could bury it, the way it used to be, old school Hollywood styles. Maybe this is why the movie stars can’t keep up with the Instagram/Vine/YouTube stars. They haven’t bothered to evolve their game.

Clint Brewer/ Lek/ Getty Images

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