Ben Affleck’s Blurred Lines

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 17, 2013 13:32:57 September 17, 2013 13:32:57

Recognise her?

Her name is Emily Ratajkowski. The name might not register but this image should:

Emily is now moving up from Robin Thicke to …

Ben Affleck and David Fincher.

As you know, Affleck is playing Nick Dunne who has an affair with a student called Andie. Sorry about that spoiler but the book’s been out for over a year now. Andie is young, nubile, and accommodating. I know an image of Blake Lively just popped into your mind but Emily Ratajkowski will do too, non? Andie’s scenes are almost all comforting. That’s what she does for Nick – she makes him feel virile, important, potent. Nick cannot get enough of her. And he is ruthlessly punished for it.

I wrote previously that I totally support the choice of Affleck in this role. In fact, he might actually be perfect. Nick couldn’t help himself. And, well, as we’ve seen, sometimes Ben Affleck can’t either.

Fincher is not the kind of director who would sidestep that. In fact, he’s the kind of director who’d go deep in there and blow it all up.

The video below is NSFW:

Mike Windle/ Valerie Macon/ Noam Galai/ Joe Scarnici/ Getty

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