Best of 2011: Blake “faps" and Ben’s black eye

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 7, 2011 19:08:57 December 7, 2011 19:08:57

This is what started it all...

At the beginning of June, photos were leaked online alleged to be of Blake Lively, allegedly stolen from her cell phone, allegedly sent to a mystery recipient. The leaker was a punk, promising more compromising shots, and thanking her for the “faps”. Click here for a refresher and access to all those old links.

Her reps weakly tried to insist that the images were photoshopped, that it was an imposter. Nobody bought it. (We will discuss how brilliantly she balled her way out of the leak another time. The Best of 2011 is FULL of Lively’s game.)

The next day, like LITERALLY THE NEXT DAY, after more Blake naked shots were disseminated online, Ben Affleck was papped with his wife Jennifer Garner walking around with a black eye. I’m sure the incidents are unrelated...

But sometimes, sometimes timing is a gift. Good Gossip is often about good timing. Think about Blake and how much well timed great gossip she provided this year and be thankful. For the laughs you had picturing Jennifer Garner saying “faps”. Be thankful and get ready for more.


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