Beyoncé & Blue go shopping

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 1, 2016 15:24:06 September 1, 2016 15:24:06

At Bergdorf’s yesterday in New York. No bags though. They’d ruin the shots. And also, since when does Beyoncé carry her own bags?

Anyway, it’s been four days since Beyoncé demolished the VMAs. And in four days it’s Bey Day. That’s her birthday, her 35th birthday. If you hate Beyoncé – ???? – you might want to avoid social media on Monday. Because on Beyoncé’s birthday everyone crawls out from under their Twitter break to wish her a happy birthday.

According to E! News Beyoncé’s actually celebrating her birthday the next day, on September 5th, with a Soul Train themed party in NYC. Not that I would ever, ever presume that Beyoncé would take my advice but in Chinese culture, it’s actually bad luck to do your birthday after your birthday. So, Beyoncé, if you’re out there, have a family gathering on Sunday/Monday before the big blowout. Or does Beyoncé not need any luck protection? 

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